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AF2100 Ridgid Air Filtration unit

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  • AF2100 Ridgid Air Filtration unit

    This just recently appeared in the local HD. Has anyone gotten one and care to post your assessment, opinions, etc?

    I'm really, really interested in buying one, but can't find a whit of information on it, except for the HD flyer I picked up.

    Particular points of interest:
    - Noise level
    - Size
    - Feasability of wall / ceiling mounting. What is the support system for setting it on a table / floor? Tiny feet? Legs of some sort?
    - Apparent filter quality. I read that the AF3000 (I guess the older version of their air filter tube) was 95% down to 3 microns. Does the documentation say anything about the filter capabilities?

    Thanks in advance!