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    Re: Dewalt 36v

    You know, I don't find the 1600RPM all that bad. In fact it's pretty quick. The 2000RPM of the 18 might be a little faster for smaller masonary bits though.

    It takes a while to realize the power that the 36V drill has because you tend not to notice it doing "the usual" tasks of driving screws or small holes. Even a 12V drill does those jobs pretty much the same ability. But if you push it with big bits like a hole saw or self feed, you'll see that the power is substantially higher. That's where this puppy shines. And not only that, but the endurance is much better as well. I always found an 18 comes on strong with a battery fresh off the charger, but after a few big holes, it starts to tire out. The 36 will just keep on chewing the holes with little effort. Plus the batteries don't get hot. In fact, I can't actually recall if I've ever even felt them warm up. The tool usualy gets warm under a lot of use, but the batteries seem to stay pretty cool. That's a definite plus because heat is one of the enemies of batteries.

    You'll definitely want to check out the cirulcar saw. It's kind of the "star pitcher" of the 4-tool kit. If you use a circular saw a lot, you'll probably find yourself using this one for everything.