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Porter-Cable 7336 ROS - any good?

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  • Porter-Cable 7336 ROS - any good?

    I'm planning to buy a ROS, about to get a Ridgid 2600 but tempted to go for the PC 7336(SP) instead.. coz I can use a good polisher, too. Apparently it is highly regarded in the auto-detailer world, but I am rather surprise that I cannot find much (or .. any) dicusssion on 7336 in the woodworking world.

    Anyone here has experience with it? What do you think about it from woodworking perspectives?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Porter-Cable 7336 ROS - any good?

    If it's made by Porter Cable, I would not hesitate to buy one, if thats what you need. Seems to me that Normy uses that kind of larger ROS on his show. I have lots of PC tools and they all serve me very well. Personally, for wood, I like a smaller lighter "one handed" finish sander but that's just me.

    Don't know what price you are getting but I"ve bought from this seller before on eBay and had excellent experiences with the recon PC and DeWalt tools.

    Check this seller out.

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      Re: Porter-Cable 7336 ROS - any good?

      Tks for the comment, Mark. Finally decided on the R2600 due to less $$ and lifetime warranty... but would have brought the PC if I didn't have the cheapo polisher/buffer in the garage...