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  • clickity click drill press

    Good Morning All !

    Last week purchased a Delta 16-1/2" Drill Press w/ Laser…Model: 17-950L
    from Lowe’s during their 15% off sale. I put the drill press together with no problems and it ran great all weekend the temperature was mid to high 60's

    This week it turned really cold in our area mid to low 30‘s.I went up to my shop to start working on my router table project, fired up the kerosene heaters.

    When switched the drill press on and noticed that the motor capacitor clicked several times before getting up to speed, once it got up to speed, no more clicking even when restarted a few minutes later, but if it sat awhile it would start the same thing again, as many as five clicks.

    Have any of you fellas noticed this with your drill presses? or do you think the drill has a problem? ...I am hoping it was just the cold weather.

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    Re: clickity click drill press

    Please try this on a cold morning.

    Loosen and remove belts

    Now try starting the motor by itself. Does it come up to speed quickly and without the clicking issue? If yes, then try reinstalling the belts but don't over tighten them. Now try starting it up. What happens?

    By the way what speed were you setup for when you had this issue? If set to 3000 RPM and with it cold, that will put a load on the motor. The grease in all the bearings will be stiff, the belts will be stiff and to bring the machine up to speed does take some work from the motor. You may find it helpful to setup for a rather slow speed (under 500 RPM) and without the belts being too tight. Run the drill press a few minutes and then change them to the desired working speed. A little gentle warm-up on a cold morning helps any machine.

    Hint: After you've had it for some time and feel there's nothing defective, try changing the belts to a good name brand like GoodYear. Be sure to match the length and width. I think this is a made in R O C machine and their belts in many cases aren't the best. When cold they are pretty stiff and would add an extra load. Good quality belts will help it run smoother too. You don't need anything exotic either.

    Good luck and please post more about it. If with the belts removed the motor is slow to start up or won't start on a cold morning, then you may have a problem with the starting capacitor or starting switch. Normally that will get worse pretty quickly and you'll have starting problems even in a warm room with it.

    Another thing to try is to connect a good AC Voltmeter to the receptacle the drill press is plugged into (assuming it's a duplex receptacle) and measure the Voltage before and during startup.
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      Re: clickity click drill press

      Thanks for you quick reply Woussko!

      Good thinking about removing the belt and starting it up.
      I hope to make it up to the shop one day this week and I will
      give it a try. It is as you suspected set at 3000 rpm..

      I will try all that you suggested and let you know how I made out..

      Thanks again !


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        Re: clickity click drill press


        Good luck and please do post the test results. I'll keep an eye open here. My bet is that this is a combination of things. If on a cold morning with the belts off the motor starts up fine, then I wouldn't worry too much. One thing you might try depending on how much trouble it is, would be to somewhat loosen the belt adjustment, start the motor and then with it running tighten them some. With a drill press normally you don't need the belts too tight. Only if they start to slip or you have some big hole to drill will they need to be pretty tight. You'll get the idea once you really start using it. Now I think I need to go look at that model sometime soon as I may be barking about stuff that can't be done on your model or that would be hard to do. With my drill press there's an adjustment lever and some Thumb screws so I can adjust it with it running and the cover closed. Lucky me, I guess.


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          Re: clickity click drill press

          Well …..Woussko you surely are barking up the right tree!

          I did tighten the belt, It looked real loose to me, but yet wasn’t slipping.
          From what you are saying it looks like I may have the belt way to tight.
          and yes you are correct, my drill press also has the thumb screws and
          adjustment lever as you say your drill press has.


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            Re: clickity click drill press


            Please try starting the motor when it's good and cold with the belt off the motor pulley and let's find out how it starts. If nice and snappy then we can figure the motor is OK but if it's sluggish by itself then you have some work ahead. The next step is to try turning the spindle (grab chuck) while the belts are off and see if it turns free or if it feels thick. Then try turning the intermediate speed pulley that both belts run off of. If the all feel pretty free when good and cold and the motor starts up OK when cold, then it might be time to change the belts. The idea is to try to find out what the real cause is and work from there. My gut feeling is that it's all of the above due to thick grease in the bearings when they are cold along with stiff belts.

            Let's see if I have this about right. You tried to start the drill press when cold. The motor groaned and while trying to speed up would speed up, you hear click, then it would slow down a bit, another click and then speed up some and click. Finally it would reach running speed. Does that seem about like it? Please do not allow this to keep happening or you'll do damage to the motor. When power is applied it needs to get up to full speed within a few seconds and hold. I'm thinking it bogged down from overloading it. This is where I wish I could hear it for myself, but that's not gonna happen.

            Being a pretty new machine, you might just let it run for an hour or so. That would help loosen it up. Try this with it setup so the belts are about mid way in the pulley step grooves. My guess is 700 - 1200 RPM or so. I need to find and post a picture maybe.

            Update: The magic speed for your drill press for loosening it up is shown in the manual as 590 RPM.
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              Update: clickity click drill press

              Update: clickity click drill press.

              I finally made it up to the shop Saturday morning. I removed the belts
              started the motor up with no problem it ramped right up to speed quickly
              with no click at all. The other pulleys were free spinning.
              I ran the press at 590 rpm for about 1-½ hours as suggested as a break-in.
              Looks like the cold weather and having the belts way to tight was the culprit.

              It runs like a champ now!

              Thanks for the help !


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                Re: clickity click drill press


                That's great news. Maybe you can try it setup at the highest speed and find out how it starts up. You need the belts tightened so they don't slip but not much more. It's not hard to get them quite a bit tighter.

                A good test is to try drilling some pretty large holes into a scrap piece of 2 x 4 or such before you drill your good work. If the spindle slows or stalls, go a bit tighter, but then I'm sure you already know this stuff.