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Freud FT1700 In table router

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  • Freud FT1700 In table router

    Good Morning All !

    I’m looking for a good in table router.
    One that I have in mind is the Freud 2-1/4 HP Electronic Variable Speed Router Model: FT1700VCEK. Lowe’s has the router at 15% off until the 11th.
    I am attracted by the “as advertised” above the table bit changes and height adjustment.
    Most of the reviews for this router are good. One complaint was the amount of backlash in the height adjustment.
    Anyone have one and how do you like it?

    My other choice was the Milwaukee 5616-20 which appears to have a good
    above table height adjustment but poor above table collect changing.

    Any thoughts?
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    Re: Freud FT1700 In table router

    I love the above table features of the FT1700....enough so, that I usually choose it over my MW5625. The FT1700 and MW5625 replaced an FT2000 for router table use, and also made it necessary to sell my MW5615.

    There is more thread backlash on the Freud than the MW, but it hasn't been enough of an issue that I would have given it any thought...YMMV.


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      Re: Freud FT1700 In table router

      Both PC and Ridgid have the above table adjustment. They don't have the extra long spindle of the Freud. But PC is the standard for routers so if you every want to use the router with any attachment you will want a PC compatible router (i'm pretty shure the ridgid is). I looked into the freud but for 20 dollars more I got a fix/plunge, pc compatible ridgid kit.


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        Re: Freud FT1700 In table router

        Thanks to all your input It is well appreciated !
        It’s so nice having a place to go to ask these sort of questions.

        Thanks again…. Dave


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          Re: Freud FT1700 In table router

          i bought this router and returned it - 3 times. It kept breaking when doing very simple tasks like light pass edge routing in pine.

          One of the returns had cross threaded machine screws - not good for mounting.

          I bought the dewalt 3 base kit instead - in my opinion a far superior router.
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            Re: Freud FT1700 In table router

            Got the Router! ….Nice!

            I did have the backlash problem. I stretched the spring behind the quick
            release height adjustment button and put a loose spacer in the hollow part
            of the button to keep it from tripping so easily, but yet it still trips if there is
            excessive torque. This took care of the problem.

            I am impressed with how smooth and quiet this router is!


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              Re: Freud FT1700 In table router

              I had to return the first one because it would not auto lock the bit.
              Lets hope all the problems I have, time will tell.

              Thanks for the heads up!

              Now, if my dang router table insert I ordered would show up!