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    I was saveing money for ridgid planer and found a better deal price wise on a dewalt.I know alot of us in here are ridgid heavy but i also know you all share other info on different items. So , i ask how well does the dewalt planer 734 hold up ?I know its a day late and dollar short at this time as i bought it already for really good price of 287 with shipping.i am just looking for feedback in comparison to other planers on the market. I will be making a base for it also so i know the "benchtop" part will be handled.I also have a dewalt store literally 3 min from my house ) but i bought the planer online lol. buying stuff for dewalt is no problem . the same store is also where i can take ridgid tools to for service if ever they need it .ya im lucky to have a store so close and i love it
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    Re: new planer

    really you got a very good deal, and yes we are ridgid heavy here but we all try to give fair and unbias opinons about other brands as well. and there are alot of people here that will tell you the the bigest problem with the de walt is you have to but 2 sets of blades at a time due to the fact that there are 3 knives in it where as the ridgid only has 2 knives in it but finding blades can be a chore sometimes. but for 287 i think you did well and i really don't even like dewalt.

    happy planning
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      Re: new planer

      I have the exact same DW planer, love it!! Works great, smooth cut and the blades seem to last a LONG time. I have not switched mine yet. I believe they are double sided so one set can be turned before having them sharpened.

      I got a spare 3 pack cheap off eBay.
      There are some on there now.
      If you need some, ck locally and compair prices first. Shipping can be a deal killer sometimes.

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