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  • DP 15501 Drill Press

    I have a Rigid drill press model #15501. I need help. The problem concerns the drill chuck spinning on the arbor above.
    The unit was assembled according to the instructions with the chuck pressed on the arbor by placing a piece of wood on the table and cranking the chuck down to press the chuck on the arbor.

    When using the drill press, if the drill bit grabs at all, such as it does when you're drilling sheet metal, the chuck frees itself from the arbor and stops rotating. If space allows, the chuck may fall off of the arbor. Frankly, I was surprised that the chuck is a simple press fit on the arbor. Is this customary? I expected to see a key or other fastening means.

    Help. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: DP 15501 Drill Press

    Try reinstalling the chuck per the instructions again. After you've done that, lower the table so that it is out of the way. With the chuck still in the fully opened position take a short piece of 2x and a hammer. Place the 2x at the bottom of the chuck and give the 2x a couple good whacks. This should fully seat the into the spindle.
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      Re: DP 15501 Drill Press

      Be sure both mating surfaces are very clean and then try as BadgerDave has posted.


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        Re: DP 15501 Drill Press

        I have a craftsman drill press with the same type of chuck mount. The instructions specify to use a piece of wood and a hammer to firmly seat the chuck in place.