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air compressor problem

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  • air compressor problem

    I Have A Ridgid Oil Lube Air Compressor That Won't Shut Off After It Reaches Selected Pressure, It Just Keeps Running Until I Manually Shut It Off. Does Anybody Know What The Problem Is?

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    Re: air compressor problem

    These are not concrete rules but will give you a start on where to look. Let it run till it either comes up to pressure and the safety valve blows or the pressure stops coming up. If the safety valve blows you have a problem either in the pressure switch or check valve. More than likely the pressure switch.

    If it comes up to a decent amount of pressure but not all the way you probably have a leak. If it only comes up to 40 psi or so you probably have either a bad reed valve or broken piston ring. I keep saying probably because any of these can exibit any of these symptoms but these are the usual causes.