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  • Ridgid parts on Craftsman

    I've searched and cannot find an answer to my question.

    I was cutting some dados with my Amana 8" stacked dado set this weekend and was very frustrated with the uneven bottom of the cut. After fiddling around with it, I realized what the problem was (c'mon you already knew this). It was the blasted missing material between the shoulder and the threads.

    I began google'ing and ran across this forum (Great forum by the way). After some reading, I realized my blade assembly was greatly similar to the TS3650. I ordered a replacment arbor and figured while I was doing the change out, I would replace the bearings (all from ridgidparts). I also ordered a link belt, machined pulleys and a PALS set.

    I got the arbor and bearings and the bearings seem way too small. I got the calipers out and the arbor is somewhere between .6245" and .625. The bearings I.D. measures .588. That's .037 different! Now I'm no machinist, but how the heck is that going to fit, even with a press (which I don't have). I took one of the old bearings off the old arbor and it tightly slides onto the new arbor.

    I ordered the TH100005 arbor and 2 of the HJ03200 bearings. What gives? Has anyone else ordered these bearings and had this problem? The new bearings came in with a different part number and are marked 6202-2NSE. I google'd that and it looks like these are 15mm (.590") metric bearings. Did I get the wrong bearings or am I missing something?

    Any input would be appreciated.

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    Re: Ridgid parts on Craftsman

    Are those part numbers for a Ridgid 3650 table saw? If so, that may be where the problem lies. Emerson used to make table saws for Sears and when they parted ways Ridgid started selling those saws under the Ridgid badge. Many of the Ridgid badged saws had parts that were compatible with Sears badged saws. In 2003 when Emerson sold the licensing rights to some of the Ridgid tools to TTI they may have changed the design of some parts slightly. I don't know for sure if that's why the parts you received won't fit but it could be I suppose.

    I'm curious, why couldn't Sears provide the parts to wanted?
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      Re: Ridgid parts on Craftsman

      6202 ball bearings will be 15 mm ID, 32 mm OD and 9 mm thick. Try to clean up one of the old ball bearing and see what numbers you can find on it. To me it sure seems like the new ones are the wrong size for your needs. In decimal inches the 6202 would be 0.5906 x 1.2598 x 0.3529 ... If you can please measure the ID, OD and thickness of the old bearings. Rather than trying to obtain them through Ridgid or Sears, you can buy them from a bearings and power transmission place and get name brand ones. I'll need measurements as close as you can get for this and try to see if there are any numbers or letters on the old ones.

      The next popular metric size is 6203 or 203 and they are 17 mm x 35 mm x 10 mm ... You may have size R10 bearings which are 0.6250 x 1.3750 x 0.3437 ... Please measure the old ones and I'm sure they can be figured out.
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        Re: Ridgid parts on Craftsman

        Don't order parts from Sears they will send you the same part you already have. Been there done that doesn't work.

        Make sure to use a caliper & check the new shaft & even go as far as to slide your dado stack on it & see if it is the same diameter over its full length.

        As you found out the diameter of the original shaft is 5/8" for approximately 1/8" - 3/16" out from the flange then it is just slightly undersized for the rest of the shaft length. You might say you got the shaft. I gave up & had a new shaft made at a machine shop. Then eventually gave the saw away to someone that just loves it, but doesn't use it as much a I did. I now have a 1940 Unisaw with a Shopfox fence set to cut 40" to the right & 24" to the left.


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          Re: Ridgid parts on Craftsman

          Thanks for the quick replies.

          I did not measure the I.D. of the old bearing, but like I said it slides onto the new arbor with a little pressure by hand. I recall looking at the old part and I think it was also a 6202, but the -2NSE was something like -2NU or -2NO or something. I'll look at it again tonight and see. As for the thickness and O.D., by eye, they look identical.

          I agree that 6202 looks like a 15mm part on the net from what I found, but the old bearing fits like a glove. Mybe I misread the number. I check again tonight.

          I ordered the arbor and bearings from the ridgidparts diagram for the TS3650 and the "Add to Cart". That's kinda hard for me to screw up. Therefore, one would think that the bearings should fit the arbor. I haven't even gotten as far as trying to fit them to the saw yet, but, again, by eye they look identical. The only problem is the I.D. of the stinking bearing.

          I did use calipers on the arbor and it seems to measure within the .6245 to .6250 range for the entire length. It looks like when they cut the threads they cut them oversize and then come back and mill them back down to 5/8". They are a little flat instead of being sharp. I haven't tried on the arbor nut on it yet. That may be my next problem.

          I talked to Gardner CS who actually shipped these parts and they started reading an even different part number than what I got. This whole thing is difficult from work. I need to write more stuff down.

          I'll take some more measurements tonight to make sure my eye does not deceive me.


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            Re: Ridgid parts on Craftsman


            I checked the new 6202-2NSE against the original 6202DU (actual part number on the old bearing no other suffix).

            They have identical OD and width. The ONLY difference in the I.D. it is 15mm on the 6202-2NSE as one would expect, but .624" on the 6202DU.

            I was mistaken. The part number on the bag the bearings came in was what was ordered, but it will NOT fit on a .625" shaft....NO WAY! The part number is stamped, not printed, on the back so maybe it is mislabeled.

            I put the calipers back on the threads of the arbor and that thing is .6245 to .6250 the entire length. And, yes, the arbor nut fits like a glove too. I put my saw blade on and it is about as perfect as it can get. (Makes me a bit giddy thinking about putting my dado set on there!) You just gotta keep the blade perpendicular or it will bind.

            Can anyone find a specs or source of the 6202DU (no suffix)? I can find some that seem to have suffixes and look a little peculiar like they have split outer rings on them. I could order from sears, but they say it is an "authorized OEM substitution". Think I can trust it to be right?



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              Re: Ridgid parts on Craftsman

              Thanks for the info. Now we can get this all worked out soon. What you have a need for are (2) special ball bearings that are made up like regular 6202 size but have a 5/8" bore. They shouldn't be all that hard to come up with. I'm pretty sure either Fafnir or MRC will have just what you want. Because the spindle runs 3000 plus RPM, I would use double shilded rather than sealed bearings. Give me a day or so and I'll have the brand and part number(s) you want. Are you near any major city in PA? Example: Philly, Harrisburg, Pitt or such. If yes, I bet I can get you in contact with a bearing dealer and they will either have them or can get them in soon. There's no use in going with Ridgid or Sears as they are NOT in the bearings business. You may as well go straight to the source.

              Please take a good look at your ball bearings. Do they have NSK on them along with the number 6202DU ? ... If they do or even if they don't, as best as I can tell they should cross to a MRC 202SZ bearing. I'll have to wait until Friday morning to get the specs on that one. This was from a cross guide, but it doesn't state size specs.
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                Re: Ridgid parts on Craftsman

                Keep it up & post as this takes place its kinda fun to follow.

                I wanna see a great finish with your saw up & working perfect.

                I just used my Unisaw for cutting cabinet doors with beveled edges for the first time since moving my fence. It works great & makes it much easier & safer.


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                  Re: Ridgid parts on Craftsman


                  Is your Unisaw a tilt to the right or a tilt to the left model? I like a tilt to the left table saw, but some people don't. By the way the old Unisaw motors normally were rated at 1 HP but that's some big tuff horse. I bet it could put a 2 HP motor of today to shame and not even get hot. I want a Unisaw myself once I make room for it.


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                    Re: Ridgid parts on Craftsman

                    Originally posted by Woussko View Post

                    Is your Unisaw a tilt to the right or a tilt to the left model? I like a tilt to the left table saw, but some people don't. By the way the old Unisaw motors normally were rated at 1 HP but that's some big tuff horse. I bet it could put a 2 HP motor of today to shame and not even get hot. I want a Unisaw myself once I make room for it.

                    I prefer a left tilt saw too but this is a right tilt Delta didn't have a left tilt in 1940 which was from what I'm able to find out was the first year they made the Unisaw. Also my saw was a 3 phase saw & now has a 3 hp motor.


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                      Re: Ridgid parts on Craftsman

                      Thanks for the interest. I've spent a lot of time on making this saw what I need. I have a 16x22 basement area for my shop. I built a modified version of the Wood magazine mobile table saw cabinet ( or even better and added a Delta Unifence. I learned of this problem while trying to build a universal mobile base of several tools. It really hacks me off that I never really noticed this problem before, but it is SO obvious now.

                      The bearings not only measure identically (except I.D.), but look identical. It looks like they could have been manufactured on the same day. The sealing material color is exactly the same. The old one is branded "NSK". The new one is "NACHI" + "TAIWAN" and there is no '-' between the "6202" and the "NSE" as I implied before (my bad). I also noticed on the old NSK bearing that the race or inner sleeve has an engraving that read "6202-625". Ah-Ha, 625 = .625 = something special maybe?

                      I'm basically in Reading, Pa. That puts me about 1.1H away from Philly; about 1.7 from Harrisburg and way away from Pitt. I'm an online shopper kinda guy and don't have a problem calling anybody on the phone to get what I need. Just give me what you got.

                      Thanks a lot!!!


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                        Re: Ridgid parts on Craftsman

                        For some uses they will make up the same size ball bearings but with more than one ID (bore) size. I'll do some checking around and being small and light weight UPS ground won't cost that much. Once I find what you need, I'll post the contact info here. I've needed smaller ball bearings with one dimension in fractional inch size (normally the bore) and the others in metric. What you need isn't that wild and I'm sure would apply to other table saws. The all metric 6202 and 6203 are used in many electric motors. I'm sure the right ones for your needs are out there waiting for you to buy them.

                        Please stay tuned to Ridgid Forum for updates.

                        VLL: You're correct about that back in 1940 table saws were tilt right, but it wasn't that long until the Unisaw was made in a tilt left version. I'll try to get the year when they started making them.
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                          Re: Ridgid parts on Craftsman


                          Please see the .PDF file and download and print it. There are 3 bearing places in your area and I would recommend checking with all three of them. I'm sure they can order in something that will work well for you. Be sure to take along one or both of your old ones. That way they can be sure the new ones are correct.
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                            Re: Ridgid parts on Craftsman

                            Wow! That's incredible. Thanks a lot. I'll keep you posted.


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                              Re: Ridgid parts on Craftsman

                              3.175 mm = 0.125 inches 1/8
                              6.350 mm = 0.250 inches 1/4
                              9.525 mm = 0.375 inches 3/8
                              12.700 mm = 0.500 inches 1/2
                              15.875 mm = 0.625 inches 5/8
                              19.050 mm = 0.750 inches 3/4
                              22.225 mm = 0.875 inches 7/8
                              1 inch = 25.4 mm and 1 mm = 0.3937 inch

                              The rest of this post was not worth keeping, but the above might help someone sometime.
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