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24V XLi charger/battery problems

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  • 24V XLi charger/battery problems

    I have been using my set for a few months and suddenly, neither battery will charge. The charger blinks the green and red leds when one battery is placed on and when the other is placed on, I hear a high pitched whine in 2 second bursts with the red led solid. After 5 minutes of this, red and green leds blink. All defective, batteries defective or charger defective? What's the turnaround time on replacement from a service center?


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    Re: 24V XLi charger/battery problems

    It could be either but If I were to guess I would say it is your charger but quite frequently the charger and batteries fail one causing the other. The is a common problem with Ridgid. Turn around time should be about 15 minutes 5 minutes to load test the batteries and check the charger and 10 minutes for paper work. Most shops do them over the counter but I have read on here that some shops put them into the normal work rotation which would mean anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks.