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  • Blade Wobble

    Several months ago I bought a Rigid 12" compound sliding miter saw. I've owned and used saws over the years, but this one has me baffled.

    A couple of seconds after the blade is up to speed, the blade seems to deflect or wobble, then spins true, then wobbles again. There doesn't seem to be any excessive vibration due to out of balance blade, there are not teeth missing on the blade. It just does this little wobble out of nowhere. Makes accurate cuts a real challenge.

    It this something common to 12" blades. I've never seen this before on 10" models. Could it have something to do with the laser sight?

    I've check all the bolts and nuts I can touch, but it's still there.

    Also, I've read some of the posts on the inability to make accurate cuts with Rigid saws. That's not a warm and fuzzy feeling for me, especially since this a reconditioned saw I bought from HD.

    I'm stumped.


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    Re: Blade Wobble

    That is quite unusual. Perhaps it's a bad bearing or improper belt tension. I would first swap the blade with a different one and see if perhaps that eliminates the problem.


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      Re: Blade Wobble

      Thanks for the suggestion of getting a new blade. That's my next step.

      I've checked everything on this unit and I still don't understand the problem. If it was a bad bearing or blade, the "wobble" would always be present, not come and go..


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        Re: Blade Wobble

        Posted this to your other thread on this subject:

        I don't have a 12" MS, but the fact that the wobble comes and goes may have to do with the power coming to the saw. If you are running it on an extension cord that is too long/too small a guage, or, more likely, on a circuit where other items are kicking on or off (i.e. freezer, AC, other power tools, etc), you may be seeing the results of power fluctuations affecting the saw motor. The higher amp requirements of todays more powerful motors may be causing a problem where a previous tool that pulled less amperage wasn't affected.

        Just a thought

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          Re: Blade Wobble

          i dont have the ridgid buy i do have the hitchi 12" dual bevel. and i have learned that cheap (under say $40 ) 12" blade seem to a problem with blade wobble. i am looking at some fairly pricy blades right now but you can get a decent blade at the $60 and up range
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            Re: Blade Wobble

            Be sure to buy a quality blade that's made for use in a compound miter saw. You need to go full kerf and also watch the hook angle. For your model a blade such as the Frued LU91M012 or LU91R912 (teflon coated) would be a good choice for the money. Buy one from a place that allows returns and just run it but don't cut. See if it wobbles too once installed.

            There are a good many other fine blades for use in a compound miter saw, but something like a Forest Chop Master costs big money. Let's try to find the problem without getting too wild. One thing you might try is with the saw unplugged, grab the end of the blade screw firmly and see if you can wiggle it at all. Turn it a little and try it again several times. I think you either have a bad blade or bad bearing(s) in the arbor. The new blade will help you rule out the blade. If your mitre saw is still pretty new and installing a new blade doesn't help, take it back and exchange it for another and you might want to look at Bosch or Makita.
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