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Problem with 24v LXi Reciprocating Saw...

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  • Problem with 24v LXi Reciprocating Saw...

    Well, I've had my R932 combo for a couple of weeks now and so far everything has been great.! However, today I was using the reciprocating saw and when I flipped the lever down that adjusts the depth of the shoe, the lever came off! What gives? It seems kinda flimsy. The lever is made of plastic which also seems a little strange considering the shoe is made of steel. Anyway, the lever came off rather easily and the pin that the lever rotates on ALSO fell out! You would think that this would be a simple fix, right? Slide the pin back in...clip the lever back onto the pin...etc. Well, it wasnt that easy. The pin is flat on one side, and the lever has an indentation on either side that also has a corresponding flat spot to align the pin with. Aligning these two is a real trick...and pushing the clip too hard on either side results in the pin shooting out. After sometime...I finally did manage to get it back on... but it seems like it could just pop off again. Has anyone else had this problem? I dont think I am being particularly rough with the lever. Also, I am wondering if somehow my saw is missing a clip or something that holds the pin in? Just wondering....