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oil VS oil-less pneumatic tools

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  • oil VS oil-less pneumatic tools

    Today we have a limited selection of pneumatic nailers and other tools that no longer require the addition of tool oil prior to use.

    I know they are built differently and have Teflon parts etc.

    As a weekend warrior, aside from an oil-less tool being cleaner what are the advantages or disadvantages?

    For the professional users I will say likely the oil tool is superior as you use them a lot and hard.

    I currently have the Ridgid oil-less 18ga nailer and really like it. I also have a
    Craftsman 1/2" crown stapler that is oil-less. When doing upholstery stuff it is really nice to have a clean dry tool.

    With my assortment of pneumatic tools I find them all to work nicely and adding a few drops of oil prior to use is not a problem. I just wonder if the
    oil-less pneumatic tool is the direction of the future?

    Cactus Man