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Replacing drive belt on mini PC belt sander

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    Re: Replacing drive belt on mini PC belt sander

    Originally posted by Akita View Post
    I'm shocked you need a new one so soon. So much for PC quality. Guess they shoulda kept making their product in the USA instead of mexico.

    That was going to be my comment. This tool is pretty new, hard to believe it needs a new belt already.

    Anyway, I see that you have already got the replacement belt on, but for anyone coming after you, soaking the belt in some warm water for a minute or two might releax it enough to ease installation. You'll want to wipe as much water off as possible before installing in the manner suggested, one rib at a time. A heat gun might also work, but this would not be without risk of damaging the belt.

    Kinda like running soil pipe outside in the winter with neoprene push joints (before no-hub took the industry by storm). We used to keep a 5 gallon metal bucket on the lead furnace which we would toss the gaskets in for a minute or two. Then pop them in the bell and insert the next piece of pipe home with the puller. Guess you east coasters don't have to worry about running underground in the dead of winter when its 20°F or colder outside huh?
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