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drill press laser---cool tool!

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  • drill press laser---cool tool!

    For those of you into laser guides and cool tools, I just installed a drill press laser.

    I have a model 11-990 Delta drill press 1995 vintage. I saw the new line of Delta drill presses that offer a cross beam laser. I went and ordered one [ laser kit] to retrofit my drill press.

    A14320 laser assembly
    A14321 mounting bracket
    A14325 laser calibration stick

    The Atlanta service center has 2 more in stock 1-770-246-1710

    If you go to Dewaltservicenet parts on the Internet you can download a drill press manual with laser, but don't waste your time ordering the laser from them. they are back-ordered. I originally ordered this in February and was told March, then May and then no specific arrival time. I called the Phoenix center and they did not have any either. They looked up their other sites and I was told Atlanta had 3 in stock. I immediately called them.

    I paid about $29.00 for the kit [not including tax and shipping]
    The kit arrived in one day! ok, I paid the extra shipping.

    I also noticed a drill press laser in my new Woodworker's Supply catalog, page 34 item 025-415 $49.00. This is made by "Steel City" I never heard of Steel city" until this catalog. In my opinion it looks like a Jet tool/Delta tool knock off.

    Anyway, installation was easy. It fit on the drill press column as if it was meant to be.

    Calibration was a bit tricky as I misread the instructions. After a cup of coffee and rereading the instructions I found my error and then easily completed the laser calibration.

    You will need to download the laser assembly and calibration instructions from one of the Delta drill press manuals that include the laser.

    Now many of you poo-poo lasers on saws, miter saws, etc. However I find this a clever gadget. Likely I'll not use it for every hole but I do see it as a useful aid in some operations

    By the way, I do not work for any of the companies I mentioned above. I just wanted to share this with you.

    Cactus Man
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    Re: drill press laser---cool tool!

    Steel City has a nice cabinet style table saw. If you get to one of the big woodworking shows I bet you'll see them with a display there.