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    So, It's 330 am and I'm trying to square the blade parallel to the miter slot on my ts 3650. Why? Because when I put in the zero clearance plate I discovered it was now off. I discovered this by shaving a piece of wood and having it kissing the back of the blade on follow through. I followed the manual and losened front and rear trunions and snugged the center bolt on the front trunion. I then moved the eccentric lever at the rear of the saw untill the square touched the blade front and rear equally.(just barely). Question is, Why is this lever all the way over to it's max adjustment to bring this blade in line? Is that normal or is there something I am missing? The blade is now lined up perfect, it's just that the lever is all the way to the left as your looking at it from the back. Thanks to all in advance
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    See my answer at your duplicate thread.
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