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Oscillating Edge Belt / Spindle Sander

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  • Oscillating Edge Belt / Spindle Sander

    Today, I put together my sander with the belt attachment hooked up, but as soon as I turned it on, the sand paper shimmied up until it started to cut into the rubber on the belt tension lever and even after I push it back down, I turn it back on then the belt runs up again. Is there any way to prevent this from happening as I have tried to tighten the belt more(i think by tightening the tracking knob).

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    Re: Oscillating Edge Belt / Spindle Sander

    Check out page 21 of the manual. What you are turning is the track adjust knob, the tighter you make it the faster the belt will move up. You need to loosen that knob and center the belt. The belt tension lever is the only method of loosening and tightening the belt tension. The tension is fixed by the springs and can not be increased. When the belt is centered turn the power on and off quickly so you can judge which way to turn the tracking knob without the belt moving too far from center.
    Here is a link to the manual if you don't have it