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  • Help!!! Which combo pack

    First I want to thank everyone for this great website this is my first post and just want to say this place is great!

    First off I own several, several Dewalt cordless tools. Between me and my employess It would probably be around 20-30 18 volt tools. I don't have anything bad to say agianst Dewalt they have definatley taken a beaten and gotten there job done. I also have seen several tools die and or break (not always the tools fault). I'm in the process of selling many of my Dewalt cordless tools and wanting to try something new. I own a concrete bussiness and my tools tend to get used pretty hard. Like I said I have nothing negitive to say about dewalt just want to try something new and maybe jump on this new li-on band wagon.
    One of my job forman's owns 2 Ridgid sets (18 and the 24) and loves them but they are to heavy for my preference and the circular saw's blade is on the wrong side for my taste, but like I said he really likes his Ridgid tools. Another one of my job formans owns the Porter Cable and I'm not really crazy about it. Just seems a little under-powered for me.
    So to get to my question. I'm torn between the Dewalt (really want li-on). The Millwalkee 28v and the Makita. I'm really leaning towards the Makita. My tool use the on the more aggresive side. I probably use the cordless grinder the most (cutting off rebar) and the drill second. I mainly use my drills for drilling holes in aluminum forms (any drill can do this) and drilling 1" holes in 2by material and I also drive a lot of 3" screws. I'm just looking for a combo pack that will last and take so abuse all at once (I want what everyone wants). I like the size of the Makita and supposedly it has one of the best batterys (just the word on the street). If anyone could shed some light on my dilema before I go and spend a lot of money would be great. I'm also not opposed to owning different types of tools for different jobs. Sorry I got so long-winded, and thanks agian for this great forum.


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    Re: Help!!! Which combo pack

    Welcome to the Forum, You will get a lot of opinions on tools here. Everybody has one.

    Personally, I would buy a combo pack that contains a impact driver. Use the drill for drilling and the impact for driving screws, The impact will impress teh hell out of you.

    Also, I just purchased a Lithium Ion Makita drill,impact, light set 14.4 volt. I am not suggesting you go the lower voltage route due to the nature of your business, but I love the less weight. I have a few 18 volt dewalt's and do not have any issues, but in the wood shop I have decided that it just is not necessary.

    Darn, sorry to ramble on and hijack a good thread. my apologies.

    I dont think you will be disappointed with teh Makita set. We use a lot of them at our office, but most of our saws are all cordless Milwaukee's. The guys really like the milwaukee.



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      Re: Help!!! Which combo pack

      DeWalt has a 36V grinder out now. Other than that, I don't know of any cordless grinder above 18V.


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        Re: Help!!! Which combo pack

        If I recall right, consumer report gave the highest rating to Hitachi when it comes to 24 v cordless drills. But no matter what, I'm still a Ridgid and Dewalt fan. Welcome to the Ridgid forum , Pintail55. Most opinions here are pretty decent and the help is great, I don't know what kind of response you'll get due to the 3 or 4 day holiday. You can also go into search and look up your question, because cordless drills and drivers are a busy topic. Good luck with your choice...Garager...
        Great Link for a Construction Owner/Tradesmen, and just say Garager sent you....

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