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  • planers

    I have been taking some cabinet making classes at the local college for a while now and have been spoiled using excellent machines. I am in the market for a planer and would like to know if you guys feel limited with a 13" planer (the one at the shop does over 24"!).

    Planers over 13" get VERY expensive, just looking for some advice really. Can anyone help me out?

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    Re: planers

    F P

    You're in trouble now. Lesser machinery just isn't the same at all. I'm sure there are some pretty nice smaller planers made. As for the size that really depends on what you need to pass through it. You need to find out if they will let you bring work to the shop later on if it's something you need help with or can't machine at home. My bet is that for some $$$ they will be happy to work with you later on.

    Does their's look anything like this picture only most likely it's gray in color?
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      Re: planers

      I have learned to deal with the limited capacity of my 13" planer. I use hand planes.
      There shouldn't be too many times you'll need more capacity, if so, find a local place that does milling. Where I live there is one that charges $35 per half hour. Consider hand planing, it's not difficult to do.


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        Re: planers

        It a really large planer, but i think its green (not a general though). I'll snap a pic on Tues and post it.

        Thanks for the advice on handplanes - though i have never used them. I wonder if there is a workshop offered on them.


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          Re: planers

          If you are ever in my area let me know. I'll show you how to use them.
          As long as you have a decent plane and set it up well it is easy to do and quite satisfying. They also do not produce dust or noise.
          I use my planer when I'm in a hurry or have a lot of wood to plane.


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            Re: planers

            You have an extremely talented Canadian hand tool wood worker in your province.
            He offers classes all over Canada and at home in Grand Bay
            Rob Cosman
            American Craftsman Publications
            P. O. Box 3260
            Grand Bay, NB E5K 4V5
            Toll Free: 877 Work Wood (877-967-5966)
            Fax: 506-757-1192


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              Re: planers

              I have a 13' old Belsaw planer, and have dreamed of a wider unit many a times, but the 13" will do 98% of what I need done. and dose it very well.
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                Re: planers

                I have the DeWalt 13" dw735 planer.
                I am very pleased with its operation.

                When you make panels larger that 13" you just plane 12" wide pieces and glue them up. Then some sanding does the rest.

                For a weekend warrior this is a very nice tool

                Cactus Man