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CFM/PSI VS length of air hose, question

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    Re: CFM/PSI VS length of air hose, question

    Please do yourself a big favor and invest in quality air hose made here in the USA. It costs more, but over time you'll find out why it's really a much better deal. Here are some links to Harbor Freight and where it's at. The first is 3/8 by 50 feet and the second is 3/8 by 100 feet. The bright orange color is so you see it on the floor. That just might keep you from tripping and falling sometime. I'm sure you can afford it, but might have to do as I do and eat doggie chow for a few meals. LOL

    Note to contractors: This is quality air hose. If you're tuff on your hoses or need quality, please see this.
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      Re: CFM/PSI VS length of air hose, question

      ok Woussko, thank you. I went over to Harbor Freight and picked up a 25 foot hunk of the Goodyear Pliovic air hose. Nice stuff.

      I tried the die grinder and no problems.

      Just for giggles, I hooked up a 25 foot length of my blue hose and the die grinder also ran no problem.

      I suspect I just need to work 25 feet or closer to the air compressor. This is not an issue. I'll just keep my other stock of blue hose for devices like the nailers etc. and use the orange for high demand air tools.

      By the way, I never tripped over the blue hose ...I know OSHA wants orange because you can see it better. Yes I looked at the blue hose and you are correct, all but one roll is made in China. One of my 50 foot lengths is made in USA.

      Cactus Man


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        Re: CFM/PSI VS length of air hose, question

        Try the die grinder with the 25 foot new orange hose and the 25 foot black hose connected together. All I can say is that I have (3) 25 foot quality 3/8 hoses and with them connected to make a 75 foot hose can run my die grinder or 1/2 drive impact wrench without any problems. Maybe one or more of your blue hoses got crushed or has some other restriction problem.

        What would be a fun test is to rig up a fitting that's female garden hose to 1/4 pipe threads and connect it to a garden hose bib (valve) then try each hose. You would open it up wide, flush the hose out for a few seconds and then time how long it takes to fill a pail up. Do this with each hose and you'll get the point of this test. I have seen such fittings at plumbing supply places. They are used to adapt a pressure gauge so you can check your water pressure.

        Don't waste your money on this. If you have the fitting then maybe try the test.


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          Re: CFM/PSI VS length of air hose, question

          I just could not walk away from this challenge.

          I tore the hose reel apart to try and determine why I was loosing CFM.
          Well what a surprise! inside the reel where the swivel is assembled there was a rubber restrictor! It basically took a 3/8 line and choked the thing down to about 1/4". This is the source of the problem!

          I removed the rubber restrictor and then reassembled the hose reel. I attached the blue 3/8" 100 foot hose and hooked up the angle die grinder!
          I set the regulator to 95psi as I anticipated at least a 5psi loss.

          And, behold the die grinder just ran and ran no problem!

          I know someone within this posting mentioned to check the hose reel and now I can say thanks.

          I do wonder why the Harbor Freight hose reel had a restrictor inside to begin with? This is not a cheap unit but a mid price range unit that said it can accommodate 3/8 hose!

          Well this is my last comment on this topic and now I even have an extra 25 feet of 3/8 hose, the Goodyear Pliovic type in orange to ensure I don't trip over the hose!

          Cactus Man