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Electric Planers?Best bang for the buck?

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  • Electric Planers?Best bang for the buck?

    Howdy gents!Well my next power tool acquisition will most likely be an electric planer.I've just started looking around and so far have come across the Makita,Bosch and the Ryobi models.Of those three,only the Makita and Bosch impress me.The Bosch has the higher amp rating on the motor than the Makita and sells for aproximately $140CDN for the Bosch and $170CDN for the Makita.Does anyone have much experience with either of these two machines or can recommend another brand of planer comparable in quality to these two?I've been using hand planers mostly up till now but a bad case of tennis elbow is really starting to make things difficult for me.Thought this would be worth looking into and asking questions about.Any other pointers about purchasing an electric planer most gladly accepted.

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    Re: Electric Planers?Best bang for the buck?

    I presume that you're talking about hand held planers, correct? If you are then I'd recommend the Bosch over the Makita all day long. I own the Makita and thankfully I don't have to use it very often cause I hate it. The depth adjustment feature on the Makita doesn't work very well IMO. The Bosch also beats the Makita when it comes to chip ejection as it has a feature that allows you to choose either right or left side ejection.

    BTW, these type of planers are more of a carpenters tool than a woodworking tool. The results you will get from using one of these planers will in no way compare to the results you now get with the hand planes you're using now.
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      Re: Electric Planers?Best bang for the buck?

      I have had the Bosch 1594K for a few years now and it's seen hundreds of doors and still works beautifully. The double-sided Woodrazor Carbide Blades really last a long time. I've tried other planers, and the Bosch just kicks them all to the curb. The Porter-Cable 9118 Porta-Plane is great for doors, but it's over $400
      I've also used an older Makita 6" planer but it's a bit overkill for most jobs, and it lacks dust collection and costs over $500
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        Re: Electric Planers?Best bang for the buck?

        I have the Bosch and am very pleased with it. The addon fence could be a little better but the tool itself is great.


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          Re: Electric Planers?Best bang for the buck?

          One vote here for the Ridgid portable hand planer, either the 18 or 24 volt models.
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