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  • Rigid OF45150

    Real green to all of this...if someone w/ knowledge of subject can help, it'd surely be appreciated.

    Contemplating purchase of the 45150. General Use...I do however want to be able to use a spray gun...not painting cars or the like, however smaller projects eg., spraying some shutters...perhaps a porch cabinets...

    The description says Compressor Uses include Inflation, Brad nailers, staplers and spray guns. However the rub comes when I look at spray guns. They all say minimum req. is a 15gal tank.

    Which do I believe, the description or the gun.

    Additionally, on the box they show 2 seemingly conflicting measurements
    This unit creates 4.9SCFM@90PSI and Air Delivery of 6.2@90PSI. Anyone shed some light on this?


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    Re: Rigid OF45150

    Believe the requirements of the gun. IMO, that 15 gallon minimum is also on the low side. I wouldn't go with anything less than a 25 gallon. Special attention also needs to be placed on the CFM requirement of the gun and the CFM output of the compressor at the pressure required to operate the gun.
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