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Craftsman doublecut

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  • Craftsman doublecut

    Has anyone tried this new saw. Looks interesting but I just haven't seen any reviews or thoughts about it?
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    Re: Craftsman doublecut

    I've never used one but the reviews I've read were not positive when it came to heavy cutting. They said the tool was cheaply made and underpowered. For light cutting it may be ok. The opposing spin of the blades makes it very stable.


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      Re: Craftsman double cut

      I think you are referring to the Sears/Craftsman 6 1/8" twin cutter saw. model 286.26829.

      I was intrieged when they first offered this tool. This is a tool design used by firefighters to cut into metal, wood etc.

      Take a look at the twinner 1445 by blackhawk power tool. I think this is the originating manufacturer.

      I find the concept excellent BUT....

      If you are left handed like me the tool can be dangerous! It is designed for a right handed user.

      The wax type lubricating sticks to lubricate the saw blades when cutting metal is awkward to load and feed.

      the kerf cut is 1/4" or two times the 1/8" blade as it has two 1/8" blades
      So you need to remember this when you plan your cut.

      The blade guard is sloppy and does not move smoothly.

      The positive side is the tool is stable and you do not experience any sort of kickback'.

      Cactus Man


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        Re: Craftsman doublecut

        Two of the five reviews on Sear's website mention the saw motor burning up and there is one for sale on Ebay that doesn't run. That doesn't bode well for this tool.


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          Re: Craftsman doublecut

          Saw it on display at Sears the other day. I accidentaly damaged the fence playing around with it, put it back and quietly walked away. Looked and felt really cheaply made. Its obviously based on a cheapo angle grinder body. I think its a case of modifying a tool for something it was never meant to do.