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Help with chuck removal

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  • Help with chuck removal

    Is there is trick to getting the chuck off of the 18v hammerdrill? I know the screw that holds it on is left handed but the chuck will not come off. I don't want to be a bull in a china shop with it. Thanks for your help.

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    Re: Help with chuck removal

    well i know on a dewalt it is threaded on and it is right hand thread

    spray it good with w d 40 to help a little

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      Re: Help with chuck removal

      Check the maintenance section of the manual

      See Figures 15 - 17.
      The chuck may be removed and replaced by a new one.
      Lock the switch trigger by placing the direction of rotation
      selector in center position.

      Insert a 5/16 in. or larger hex key into the chuck of the
      drill and tighten the chuck jaws securely.

      Tap the hex key sharply with a mallet in a clockwise
      direction. This will loosen the screw in the chuck for easy

      Open the chuck jaws and remove the hex key. Using a
      screwdriver, remove the chuck screw by turning it in a
      clockwise direction.

      The chuck screw has left hand threads.

      Insert the hex key into the chuck and tighten the
      chuck jaws securely. Tap sharply with a mallet in a
      counterclockwise direction. This will loosen the chuck
      on the spindle. It can now be unscrewed by hand.


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        Re: Help with chuck removal

        Hey Wayne,

        Thanks for the great info but the jaws or the keys what ever you want to call them have come out of the chuck itself. I wanted to take the chuck off and see if I could get the keys back into the chuck from the bottom. Don't ask me how it happened, I had a helper walk up to me and said "I don't know what happened they just came out". Bottom line I can't get an allen wrench into the chuck and get it secure where I can hit it with a mallet.


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          Re: Help with chuck removal


          In your case use the smallest pipe wrench in place of the hex key. Grab the main body (part far from where jaws are). If you have the screw removed, then you can give the small pipe wrench a smack with a wood block or such. Just please don't get too wild and bust the spindle. Several taps can be better than a real hard blow.


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            Re: Help with chuck removal

            Well if you have had that chuck on the tool for a long time it is going to be hard to get it off. what i have to do is ,i made a tool,it is an easy out welded to a half inch inpact socket ,i hammer it into the chuck,put a inpact wrench on it and shock it off!and if that dose not work i heat it up,and if that does not work i have to cut the spindle off(last resort)and order a new that said and with your chuck jaws out,you are going to have to go this rout or take it to a service center.
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              Re: Help with chuck removal

              Chic, I am committing that service tip to memory -thanks.
              Another less safe option would be to clamp a set of 10" vice grips onto the stationary ring (closest to the drill) of the chuck. Then put the drill in reverse and pull the trigger. Hold the drill so it makes about 3/4 of a revolution and then the vice grips hit a scrap of wood clamped to the bench. This should provide plenty of shock to loosen and remove the chuck. Careful as the chuck is likely to spin right off the drill and fall to the floor