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4410L confusion

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  • 4410L confusion

    Does anybody know why this saw isnt in any stores? I'd really like to see one in person and put my hands on one before I fork out $500. HD only has them available online. Fastenal can order them, and before the kid finished saying seven-hundred something I was on my way out the door. Even Menards wanted $650 for it.

    I was set on the LS1013FL until I read a recent 10" slider thread. I really appreciated what Newman had to say about both saws, and I'd like to compare for myself.

    I even looked at the Craftsman 10" dual bevel slider and wasnt overly impressed, but for price it seemed ok.

    If this is the best Bosch can do to get their products out to the public, I'm not impressed. In fact, I'm a little turned off. I think the 4009 I had decided on is going to be replaced by the TS2400.