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  • TS3650 arbor

    I am new newly registered, but have gotten a lot of good info from this forum, you guys are great.
    I have a problem with my arbor - it is deformed enough that a blade will not fit on it easily, which is ok, because the nut won't thread on anyway. I have seen on another thread that retapping the arbor would be something to try short of taking the saw back in, but could that lead to other problems if I do that - like removing material will result in thinner threads or cause the arbor to not be square. One other factor is that I have the arbor with the old design where I don't have threads all the way to the inside of the arbor.

    Thanks for any opinions.

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    Re: TS3650 arbor

    If you don't have the capability to change the arbor take it in & have it done or return the saw & get another saw.


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      Re: TS3650 arbor

      Don't mess around with it. They owe you a new saw. I wish I had done it but instead I opted to put the arbor in myself. It wasn't easy. I would have had the service center do it but it's nearly 2 hours away thru heavy traffic. The return would have been 10 miles down the road but I didn't know that I could do that. Return it !!!