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Problem with MS1060 blade guard

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  • Problem with MS1060 blade guard

    I've got a MS1060 miter saw that I picked up at HD as a display model a couple of years ago. Been a great saw, but I've been having problems with the lower blade guard. Whenever I try to lower the saw to make a cut, I have to push up on the lip of the lower blade guard to get the saw to make the cut. It just takes a little nudge with my thumb, but has gotten annoying. I'm going to be finishing my basement in a few weeks, which means cutting a lot of studs to size. I'd like to get this fixed before if possible. Any ideas?

    Butch in Des Moines

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    Re: Problem with MS1060 blade guard

    I have the same problem with my MS1050. Big issue actually, as it throws all the cuts off.

    I'm going to try replacing the roller, but really, this should not be like this. How did Ridgid manage to design this to be so bad? Every other brand works fine in this aspect.

    Even the new ones displayed at the store had this problem. Takes about 100 cuts to show up. Or 100 tests by buyers.