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Jet Proshop vs TS3650

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  • Jet Proshop vs TS3650

    The Jet 708480 hybrid is being sold for $599. Basically same ballpark as a new TS3650.

    Here's some obvious differences;

    Jet: 1 3/4 hp
    3650: 1 1/2 hp

    Jet: ProShop fence - looks like a Biesmeyer copy
    3650: T-square style

    Jet: Hybrid
    3650: Contractor

    Jet: Stamped but for another $100 can upgrade to cast iron
    3650: cast iron

    Jet: 5 years?
    3650: Lifetime

    What else do I compare? Anyone have any opinions on the Jet vs Ridgid saw?


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    Re: Jet Proshop vs TS3650

    More info on the JET:

    I like the big STOP button and that it's a tilt left design. I have heard and read some pretty nice reviews on Jet contractor table saws. One thing to remember is that hybrids are NOT what a true cabinet saw is. They are lighter built throughout. The big advantage is some refignment over a basic contractor model and that you don't have the motor hanging out back where it takes up space and can get bashed. I would personally look for a nice condition used Delta Unisaw or a USA made (older ones) Powermatic 66 and fix it up. Then you'll have a real machine.
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      Re: Jet Proshop vs TS3650

      That Jet has some nice features and is a great design. The motor inside just makes sense. The fence is really nice in that price range. It's t-square design like the Biesemier...the Ridgid fence is's a dual locking system.


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        Re: Jet Proshop vs TS3650

        Width of cut to the right of the blade:
        TS3650 - 36"
        Jet - 30"

        The JET is advertised with a 1.75 HP motor, but I would bet that the actual "cutting power" of the motors are about the same. Harbor Freight would probably call it a 2 HP! Most of the saws in this range are setup to pull about the MAX from a standard 115 V 15 A circuit to pass certain UL listing. Compare the actual AMP draw for a better idea, although even that gets mashed around a bit as some try to post the startup current.

        Although most people will say that the Bies type fence is a superior design, I haven't had any issues with the dual locking style as far as accuracy. But TS3650 fence certainly does make designing an outfeed table difficult as you have to allow the gap between the saw table and the outfeed table for the back of the fence to slide back and forth. I've got a nice, permanent, outfeed table attached (motor is hanging out the back anyway) and many times I've had problems when ripping thin sheet goods that are warped slightly downward as they catch on the start of outfeed table. The JET pictured seems to have a back rail also, but I can't tell if the fence actually rides on it.



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          Re: Jet Proshop vs TS3650

          Hey guys. Firstly, I had emailed and actually talked to Ridgid customer service and asked if there werer any plans of updating the 3650 or coming up with a hybrid version and the answer was no.

          I went it looked at the Jet saw in person and all I can say is wow. There is no comparison. The saw is just much more substancially built, especially the fence system. For $50 more than the Ridgid, I couldn't pass the Jet hybrid saw up.

          Sorry guys, I won't be joining the family of 3650 saw owners.


          PS, Jhill, your correct on the motor. Its really 1 1/2 hp.


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            Re: Jet Proshop vs TS3650

            Congrats Dave. This is a fairly new saw but I keep reading more and more great things about it. The hybrid format appears to be the direction of the future for home shop table saws. Hope it serves you well.


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              Re: Jet Proshop vs TS3650

              At a local woodworking club near me they sell the Jet Contractor saw which this hybrid is based on. They always think highly of it. I think you did well and especially for the price. I should add that their table saws are older USA made Powermatic model 66 with 3 HP, 3 phase motors. Both have commercial grade 50 inch Biesmeyer fences. Replacing them (whole machine) would be big $$$. My bet is for a home shop you'll really like your JET hybrid. Do take your time to carefully check it over and setup properly. Your next big purchase will be a few good blades for it.