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  • 18V drill

    I have a wide variety of cordless tools; Dewalt, Dremel, Ryobi, Ridgid, Bosch, etc.

    I bought the Ridgid 18V drill and circular to be dedicated strictly for my cabinetry installs.

    When I drove a 2 1/2" screw with the drill, a small puff of smoke blew out of the vent.

    It seems the drill still works ok, but I now notice it is very slow in the reverse gear.

    What happened?

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    Re: 18V drill

    Well it is hard to say,without me running it . if it is running ok,it could have been some dust that got into the motor,or your motor itself or the switch. i say use it till it gives you some more trouble,then use your warranty.
    A fishing pole is the best cordless tool!