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12" CMS Electric Brake

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  • 12" CMS Electric Brake

    My 12" CMS is right about 3 years old (not sure of the exact date and warranty coverage). Homeowner only projects for the last three years. The blade brake has been occasionally slow to come on for a while now. A few days ago, it quick working all together.

    Blade is tight. :-)

    I've checked the bushings--they seem fine with lots of wear left.

    I saw the troubleshooting page in the manual but thought you guys might have better advice.

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    Re: 12" CMS Electric Brake

    I would check two things and I bet they both could use replacing.

    1. Trigger switch for burned up contacts or a wire pulled off or burned off

    2. Carbon motor brushes - wear and damage of any kind


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      Re: 12" CMS Electric Brake

      Oops, I meant brushes in my above post instead of "bushings".

      I'll check the trigger switch.

      What would I be looking for on the brushes? I examined both of them and though both looked fine. The one on the front (closest to the handle) had a dark edge on one side, but that's it. Where would I buy new brushes to troubleshoot? Do I have to order them from Ridgid online?


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        Re: 12" CMS Electric Brake

        My craftsman does the same thing and it is the brushes. If I lightly sand the contact surface the brake works for a week of so. The motor runs fine just no brakes, not real keen on the motion transfer (blade down) when the brake kicks in anyway. New brushes would be available at any ridgid service center. Look at top of page under support for locations