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    Re: ridgid wet saw

    I pawled over one today in store it looks very nice there is a plug in tray I didn't notice a plunge cut feature it will handle 18" tile diaganaly , little heavy but goes with well made, list at $697 in HD store still less than an MK and little heavier design for saw support if plunge is added I hope they make it a retro fit kit to the first generation, would pev me off if I buy now and they update it latter but not adaptable to old units. I will be making the purchase!

    Ridgid my tool of choice,

    Dont get lax about the Quality Ridgid or you'll go the way of Ryobi...... in the garbage


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      Re: ridgid wet saw

      Super nice tile saw , top of the line purchased mine yesterday ,
      took back a DIFFERENT SAW , and spent more money but get a better product. Like the PLung spect


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        Re: ridgid wet saw

        We just got the saw...I couldn't love it more!

        For those of you asking, it does plunge cut.

        The fact that this saw comes with a collapsible stand puts it ahead of other saws we looked at alone.

        Go RIDGID, keep up the good work!!!


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          Re: ridgid wet saw

          Way ahead of the other manufacures , would not recomend any other,
          Testing on first big job so i will write back for results.


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            Re: ridgid wet saw

            Thanks for all of the feedback. I look forward to hearing the jobsite experiences.


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              Re: ridgid wet saw

              Well first off Im new here so hello everybody.

              Second I am only 22 and am taking into consideration that at my age I want each new tool purchase to last me for years and years. Anyways Ill be doing my first tile job in a few weeks for my parents and so I am looking to buy a saw so Ill have it when I get a home. I was looking at the QEP for $397 at the HD and then I saw the Ridgid today when I was there.

              Im new to the brand as I only have the 18v 5 piecer and a 1/4 sheet sander however Ive been really satisfied. So should I justify spending the extra 300 for the ridgid and hope to have it for the next 15 years? You guys that have bought the saw, how often do you do tile because my usage will most likely be just for my house and my parents. Thanks


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                Re: ridgid wet saw

                I have just purchased the Ridgid Wet Saw but have not had a chance to use it, yet.

                But, I have some additional information for all users when I went to sign the tile saw up for the Lifetime Warranty through RIDGID, the Model Number was not listed on the web site. After about an hours worth of phone calls, I came to find out that RIDGID is not offering this option for the wet tile saw. You have the manufactures 3-year warranty and that is all!!!


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                  Re: ridgid wet saw

                  Wow, I bet a lot people would have liked to have known this before they purchased a "brand new" wet saw offered for the first time by Ridgid vs. the known standards (MK, etc).

                  I would guess TTI knows that this tools would have cost more then $700.00 to be able to offer a lifetime service warranty, etc.



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                    Re: ridgid wet saw

                    Wow, I am sorry to hear that too. I finally got a look see this weekend. They got one on display and it does look like a sturdy tool and well built. I noticed the Ridgid 3 year warranty emblem on the box and that it did not say anything about the Lifetime Warranty, but I figured that it it was like the other tools and you could sign-up online.

                    I keep cycling back and forth on this tool.

                    First I hear its on its way out and look at the info online.

                    Then find out it is over $600 so my interest drops a bit because its more than I want to spend for doing tile work around the house. If I was making money as a tile setter it would be different and I realize that's where the product is marketed to so what can I say.

                    Next I see it in the store and warm up to it again based on quality and features.

                    Now find out that the Lifetime warranty is not available so my interest again diminishes.
                    "It's a table saw, do you know where your fingers are?" Bob D. 2006



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                      Re: ridgid wet saw

                      Any word on when it will be available in canada?


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                        Re: ridgid wet saw

                        hey guys,

                        i allways use my friends felker tilesaw and hes had it for just over 10 years and it still cuts strong. just this year alone we have used it on a total of 40 nice sized jobs or so, cutting bricks,pavers and tile.

                        the guys he had working for in on say his last 3-4 jobs have really abused that saw braking the plug,cutting the cord,bending the shaft and braking the on off switch, lets not forget about destroying the waterpump and hoses.

                        anyway.. i was thinking about getting a new 10in saw.
                        i cked out the mksaws witch i didnt like.
                        pearl abrasive saws witch i wasnt to sure about.
                        then the target g2 saws witch were nice but i didnt like the metal pan.
                        a felker witch would probualy be the best for what i do.
                        but when i was in hd i seen the rigid saw and i was about the buy it like 3 times. needless to say i bought the ridgid bc.. i liike the cart all the extra features,like the blade guard opening up the laser witch is cool. and the rolling stand... so i got home and i put it togeter iit took about a half hour i was shocked to find out how easy the directions were once i started. after putting it together you know i had to turn it on and see how noisy it was, well it sounded pretty good not to much noise but well see when i start cutting the pavers.

                        im a union bricklayer and i do alot of my own sidework. and iv been using my friends beat up saw with parts from one of my old saws to make it work.
                        so tom. im going to test out the ridgid saw on a brick,paver job im in the middle of.

                        im alil concerned about the rpms. the felker is at 2800 and the ridgid is i belive 4200 im dien to know witch motor is better.

                        ill post tom night and let you know how the saw proformed and if i had any problems.


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                          Re: ridgid wet saw

                          The felker is an induction motor, and the ridgid uses a universal motor
                          The ridgid will fail long before the felker... but it's probably much lighter


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                            Re: ridgid wet saw

                            This is a post by a professional tiler who has the RIDGID wet saw from over at John Bridges Ceramic Tile Forums
                            I've had the ridgid tile saw for almost a month now. its made it through a 18x18 trav. floor job 1,200s/f // porc.tub surround,walls, 2 stone entrys/ granite cntr/ etc... and runs like a champ. plunge cuts,45" miters,everything just right there, very well thought out from the back tray to catch water, to the laser beam ( that you can actually see in the daylight!) the stand is insane makeing the weight not a issue. the 2 hp direct drive motor isn't the strongest iv'e had, but she's got heart. I was about to get the dewalt and my buddy told me he took he's back cuz the 11/2 hp motor sucked ba**s. it's true ridgid has a lifetime warranty on all there products EXCEPT their new tile saw (3 year limited warranty & 90 day satisfaction guarantee policy) all in all i'm very impressed. for the price so far so good. bobby T


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                              Re: ridgid wet saw

                              hey just got back from my paver job and i used the ridgid saw.

                              plus side....
                              1. it cut the pavers like butter with a good diamond blade on it.
                              2. easy to transport.
                              3. easy to change the blades.
                              4 not to noisy

                              neg side....
                              1. i put the plastic water tray on it not to make a mess and when i pushed the cart thu it kept bumping the plastic and making the cart stop.
                              2. imposible to take the tray out and clean it when you install the water hose and the electric cord correctly.
                              3. good thing i was cutting out side in an open area bc the saw made a total mess.
                              4. cleaning this saw is the biggest pain in the ***.
                              5 the spot were the wrench and the alan key go could have been made alot better bc the dont say in the groves.

                              well thats about it.
                              hope this post helps some of you.
                              i have a few more days on this job and if theres a way to post pics let me know.


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                                Re: ridgid wet saw

                                Bought this saw a few weeks ago and love it. I saw the John Bridge Tile Forum and most guys over there blasted it without ever trying it. I've always been a Felker/Target guy like most of them over there and have always had good luck with them but I've had plenty of headaches, too. I was doing a tile job for some people that had picked out an extremely hard porcelain tile and my Felker struggled at times. I decided I'd buy the Ridgid at HD because it seemed like a sturdy saw for the price (i picked over the display for quite some time). I brought it to that same job to break it in and it cut through those tiles like butter. There is definitely power to spare on this saw. The plunge cut feature is great and most of the features were well thought out. It didn't seem too loud to me but it did make a pretty good mess, even with the extension tray on. I've used it on a couple of different jobs now and so far it's passing the test. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this saw to anyone. I've also used the Dewalt and this saw is every bit as good if not better....and quite a bit cheaper!!