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TS3650 Won't Start

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  • TS3650 Won't Start

    Just got a used TS3650 from a friend. I cleaned it up, adjusted all the legs and lift system and fired it up. it ran a few seconds and stopped. I've tried to reset the breaker. I switch on and there is 120v at the motor but it won't turn. Any idea's ?

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    Re: TS3650 Won't Start

    Was it wired for 220v previously? Does it hum at all, or is it dead?


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      Re: TS3650 Won't Start

      By "reset the breaker" do you mean the one on the motor itself or in the circuit box? If you not referring to the one on the motor, look for a reset button on the side of the motor. On my motor it's a red button.
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        Re: TS3650 Won't Start

        It was wired 120v when i got it. i've tried to reset the red overload button on the motor itself. Like i said, it started up, i was surprised how quiet it was, then i shut it off. Seconds later i tried to start again and no sound or movement at all. I did check the switch and it's working, i'm getting 120v to the incoming wires at the motor, the Red Manual reset button doesn't seem to "click" when i push it. Is it possible that it has failed?
        Really looking forward to using it soon. Seems like everyone on this site has good things to say about it. Anyone from Phoenix, AZ know the best service center to go to if i have to go that route?


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          Re: TS3650 Won't Start

          Here is a list of Authorized Ridgid Service Centers in AZ.

          1620 N. FIRST ST.
          TEL: (928) 773-8503
          Fax: (928) 773-8497

          Tri State Tool Repair, Sudan Inc. DBA
          5010 S. Hwy 95, Suite #18
          Ft. Mohave
          TEL: (928) 788-3420
          Fax: (928) 788-3596

          Barr's Repair Center, Inc
          155 W Center St
          TEL: (928) 485-2331
          Fax: (928) 485-2331

          Prescott Power Tool
          1050 Willow Creek Rd #1
          TEL: (928) 445-2628
          Fax: (928) 776-8159

          Western Tool
          702 S. Campbell
          TEL: (520) 884-0504
          No Fax Available

          Since you bought this TS used and it doesn't qualify for the LLSA, any electric motor repair shop should be able to check out the motor for you.
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            Re: TS3650 Won't Start

            This may seem crazy but give it a try.

            A) Be sure to have the power cord unplugged before doing anything more. Think Safety

            B) Take a rubber hammer and give the motor (all over) about 20-30 taps. Not too hard, but hard enough to shake it up.

            C) Take a small wood block and strike the red reset button 2 times straight inward. Sometimes it takes more than you can press with a finger to reset them. Just don't go wild and bash it.

            D) Remove the belt and spin the motor both directions by hand. Does it spin nice and free and feel smooth? If not the motor may well need to be repaired.

            E) With the belt still removed, plug it in and try to start the motor, but be sure to have it blocked or have a helper with gloves on hold the motor so it won't jump about. Does it start up fast and snappy? It should and it will growl-hum, but if you just get a growl, please post about it.

            It it starts up fast and runs, then try putting the belt back on and adjust tension as per manual. Then run the saw and leave it run for say 10 minutes. Does the motor get real hot?

            Please report all you can.

            Remember to always be sure the power cord is unplugged when working on things other than for doing testing. Take your time and be careful.
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              Re: TS3650 Won't Start

              Thanks Woussko !

              Sounds like you've had soome similar experiences. I'm off to the garage to try all that. I'll report later today.


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                Re: TS3650 Won't Start

                Well, Problem solved. After giving the motor a few love taps, and then the breaker a couple light taps also, i started it up and it ran a few seconds again. I opened up the manual breaker box and removed the breaker. Sure enough, it was cracked. I called Customer Service and a kind lady is going to try to get refurbishing to remove one from a motor to send me. She said she should be able to get it for me. If by chance she is unable to get just the breaker, does anyone know where to get one. Thanks to all that helped find the problem.


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                  Re: TS3650 Won't Start

                  Do you mean the overload protector with the red push button? If yes, try your yellow pages and look under motor rebuilding and rewinding. Places that rebuild electric motors should have them in stock or close enough you can use it. You'll need to take the motor along or if not, make note of everything on the name plate so they can match specs for the replacement. You could just short it out and then install time delay fuses to protect the motor. That's a job for an electrician type however. I would wait on customer service and see what they come up with.


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                    Re: TS3650 Won't Start

                    Part 2

                    If you don't have luck with Ridgid customer service, then try a motor rewinding shop. About every major city in the USA should have such a place. If they rebuild electric motors they should have a good stock of the overload protectors or know where to get them from fast. You would do well to replace the starting (and if it has one running) capacitor while your at it.


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                      Re: TS3650 Won't Start

                      Glad to hear it's as simple as that.


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                        Re: TS3650 Won't Start

                        "You could just short it out and then install time delay fuses to protect the motor. "

                        I would not do this.

                        It may work but this is not a situation where you HAVE to get the saw running to complete some critical task, so why take a chance of further damage to the motor or injury to yourself -AND- at the same time start down the slippery slope to developing a total disregard for equipment safety features. Before you know it you'll be taking a razor knife to the seat belts in your car or removing the emergency brake pedal. After all, neither of them are hardly ever used.

                        Bypassing the overload limit may seem safe to someone like Woussko who is familiar with motors but for the average Joe I think its better to repair whats broke and keep the engineered safety features intact.

                        Here's another way to look at it:

                        Manufacturers are cheap, that is to say they want/need to maximize the return on their inverstment which in this case is the labor and material that goes into producing the TS-3650. If they could leave the overload out and the tool would be as safe as required by OSHA, UL, or the NEC they would leave it off. They are not going to give you something for nothing. It's either gonna be there because you are paying for it or it is required by law.
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                          Re: TS3650 Won't Start

                          Bob D has good thinking about PLAY IT SAFE and not bypassing safety devices. I was thinking of using external overload protection, but that's not something for normal tablesaw users. My mind was on another situation (locally) and a fan motor problem where it has to run or a building will soon become hotter than the famous bad place. In your case, big deal if you have to do without the tablesaw for a few days.

                          It might be wise to take a few good close up pictures to help with putting things back together, then remove the motor and take it to a good motor repair shop. They can run checks on it and also mark (draw you a little picture) the proper connections for power connections. If there's more wrong than just the overload protector, this would be a good time to know about it.