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Problem with Ridgid 2400 Saw

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  • Problem with Ridgid 2400 Saw

    After stressing my saw by ripping 16 feet of 3 inch doug fir, the saw now starts slowly and fails to come up to speed. Have cleaned out saw and around blade. Blade turns easily by hand.
    Have I burned out the motor ?
    Thanks for any help-
    Ted Ford

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    Re: Problem with Ridgid 2400 Saw

    Sounds like the brushes might have been damaged from overheating. I would order a replacement set and see what happens. Keep in mind this saw uses a direct drive universal motor. They don't like to be pushed that hard and overheat easily. When cutting something that thick make sure to use a sharp thin kerf ripping blade. The 2400 doesn't handle full kerf blades very well. The motor just doesn't have the power to handle them. I've used my 2400 to cut 3" mahogany with a Freud 24t thin kerf blade and it handles just fine. I just need to watch the feed rate as to not overburden the motor. Even then I can feel it struggling some.