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  • TS3650 table saw question...

    Hi. I have a TS3650 table saw. Today I ripped a 3/4" sheet of melamine. During the cut the saw blade bound up and stopped. I backed the piece up and the saw started again and I finished the cut. After that cut, the saw doesn't seem as powerful any more. What did cut through wood like butter now seems to require considerable more effort to feed a piece of wood through. Did something happen to my saw?



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    Re: TS3650 table saw question...

    1. Dull blade.
    2. Blade not parallel to fence.
    3. Fence not parallel to blade.
    4. Incorrect blade choice for job at hand.
    5. Too fast of a feed rate.
    6. Splitter not line up properly with the blade.
    7. Any combination of the above.
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      Re: TS3650 table saw question...

      Ditto what Badger Dave said. I would give highest probability to dull blade and/or pushing the splitter out of alignment. MDF with melamine is as hard on a blade as kiln-dried white oak. Gotta give the blade a chance to cut, and pushing too fast will burn it up.
      One other possibility is that you burned up your belt. Look for melted rubber on the pulleys.

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        Re: TS3650 table saw question...

        Thank you both for your input.

        The melamine was not on MDF but on particleboard, though still plenty hard. I checked out what you told me. The belt is fine. So is the splitter (still lined up correctly). Fence is parallel to the blade, blade is parallel to fence. Yes, I did feed this piece too fast I guess, and so it locked up.

        So I am guessing it is the blade. It is the original blade that came with the saw, which is still new. I have been using it for only about a month now, doing finish and trim work on a garage/studio. I did not think the blade would dull this quickly, but maybe so.



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          Re: TS3650 table saw question...

          There's any number of posts here regarding saw blades for the TS. Take a look at the search function and try 3650 blade and you should get a number of hits. There are some VERY good blades out there for the 10" table saw market. Unfortunately, the stock blade that comes with the saw isn't one of them!
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            Re: TS3650 table saw question...

            I'd also check the belt tension and alignment to be sure it's right.


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              Re: TS3650 table saw question...

              Looks like a combination of two things to me that contributed to your current situation:

              1. Operator error (feeding too fast)
              2. Dull blade from a month's worth of use cutting melamine
              and other materials.

              So now you need to look for a new balde and make sure you don't overtighten the arbor nut (which is a common mistake), and be a litle more careful with your feed rates as well as keeping your stock tight to the fence. It's easy to wander a bit when pushing a full sheet of ply through a TS.

              In the beginning of the cut there is so little to guide the sheet, may 14 or 16" of the sheet is up against the fence. If you are not careful it is easy to get started on the wrong foot so to speak.

              Since the blade fetched up in the wood go back and check your new blade and also the fence are square to the miter slot, and verify the guard too. The procedure is in the manual. If you don't have the manual you can download it from the RIDGID website.
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