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3650 Fence question

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  • 3650 Fence question

    Well I have my saw just about setup.

    When moving the fence left and right there is a little bit of slop so that the fence can wiggle just a little bit. Because of this, when I move the saw to the right it locks down in a skewed angle but when I move it left it locks down in the opposite skewed angle. I tried to adjust the plastic bushings that ride on the fence rail but they will not move. What next?? The locking mechanism is about as tight as I want to go.

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    Re: 3650 Fence question

    If you look at the fence mechanism, the front T has two nylon slides that ride on the front rail. If these sit well on the rail, AND the rail is straight and clean, AND the fence attachment bolts to the T handle are tight, there should be absolutely no loose wiggle. It helps greatly to lubricate the front rail so that the fence slides smoothly, otherwise the slides may skitter a bit on the bare aluminum and the fence might not reliably clamp squarely.

    The front rail must be absolutely straight to ensure square the fence is consistently square to the blade at all positions as it is the front rail baseline that the fence squares off of. The back rail must be reasonably straight also so that the clamping of the fence does not cause the fence to want to move. If either of these don't apply, the fence will not clamp squarely. Possibly you did not shim the rails appropriately. I used a 4' calibrated straight edge from Lee Valley to determine the shims needed to ensure straight rails.


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      Re: 3650 Fence question

      The rails are shimmed properly. The wiggle is consistent throughout the entire length of the rails. The nylon bushing needs to be shimmed or moved so that they sit tight against the rail.

      Maybe I'm not explaining myself well: if I move the fence to the right, the part of the fence closest to me (head unit) will move about 1/16 to 1/8" while the portion of the fence farthest from me remains stationary. Once the head travels this distance, the right nylon bushing will hit the rail, then the front portion of the fence will move. The problem is that when I go to lock it down, it doesn't lock down at quit that steep of an angle but it was close .020" out of square. The same happens when I move the fence left. I believe what I need to do is move the nylon bushings out and away from me. There is some play in the screw holes that holds down the fence, but where the bushings clip onto the head unit, there is none.

      I've kind of worked around this. When I go to lock it down, if I move the lock down lever up and down a few times before actually fully engaging the lock, it will square the fence. It's not that this is a pain to do, but I just don't always trust this and it should work better than this.


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        Re: 3650 Fence question

        Give the fence a little push forward before locking it down...that should square it up for you.


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          Re: 3650 Fence question

          I agree with hewood. If the fence is properly seated on the front rail, both bushings should always be in contact with the rail and keep it square. If they are not, then it is not seated properly. I did find that I definitely needed to lubricate the rail or the drag would cause the fence to not seat itself. Once lubricated, only a very slight force toward the table is needed to keep ti seated.