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since so many dewalt folks are not TTI....

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    Re: since so many dewalt folks are not TTI....

    Folks, the bigger "thing" here is that Joe Galli (partly responsible for the DeWalt launch in 1992 (swarm teams) is now at TTI running the "floor care" division until his non compete is up with Newell Rubbermaid (Lenox & Irwin).

    What does this mean for the fans TTI power tools, I.M.O. Galli will eventually lead the TTI power tool group and will go very hard after the folks in Towson! I.M.O., again TTI needs "steal" folks from Towson to inject new thoughts and ideas into the entire TTI power tool family.

    TTI needs to increase the new product pipeline, offer more products and do a better job of marketing the tools they currently sell (especially Milwaukee). This is something that DeWalt does very well and TTI is weak at (marketing vs. manufacturing)! For example why no official word on the Milwaukee web site about it's "sub compact" product launch?

    So folks taking employees from your #1 competitor is very smart when trying to strengthen your overall brand.

    Just my $.02 worth,