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Two Different #WD0635 Shop Vacs

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  • Two Different #WD0635 Shop Vacs

    The other day when at a large Home Depot I happened to look over the Ridgid shop vacs and thought I had really gone nuts. The model WD0635 was shows to come with a 2-1/2 hose and attachments (old stock) and also with a 1-7/8 hose and attachments (newer version). This info was on the boxes they came in. I didn't think to check the bar code numbers, but I bet they are the same for both of them. Needless to say this is going to be very angering to anyone that buys several of them only to find this difference. I'm very sure this is all about profits as the newer 1-7/8 size hose and attachments don't take as much plastic to manufacture as do the 2-1/2 size. The real howling begins when you want additional hoses and/or attachments only to find that the 1-7/8 size are hard to find and only used on Ridgid and some Craftsman models. If you measure you won't get 1-7/8 inch either unless you know just how they are measuring. It's not the industry standard inside diameter of the hose. All of this makes me like other brands better. We do have choices and Emerson-Ridgid best realize it and fast.

    Anger your customers and you loose them fast. Make them happy and they buy again.

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    Re: Two Different #WD0635 Shop Vacs

    If you look closer, the vac with the 2-1/2" hose is the WD0625, not the WD0635. The WD0635 is the vac that comes with the 1-7/8" hose. This vac will be the standard 6 gallon from now on. I think you'll find the 1-7/8" hose to work great with the 6 gallon vac and I hear accessories will be readily available soon.


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      Re: Two Different #WD0635 Shop Vacs


      Thanks for the info. I was going to also check the barcode numbers when I go back to HD. Anymore I almost hate going there. They have really changed and not for the better IMO. For what it's worth the inlet on the drum should be the same size it has been (I need to check it) and if it is, then I can use my older hoses with the newer vacs as needed. I like the compact size of the 6 gallon, but may just go over to another brand. There are other issues I really wish Emerson-Ridgid would address with them, especially the use of a good paper collection bag and the rather junky filters.

      OK here's the real scoop: I'm spoiled by having used a true industrial machine and yes it costs more.
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        Re: Two Different #WD0635 Shop Vacs

        I bought a couple of these back around Father's Day, and I noticed it also. The model number was different (the ..35 / ..25 difference, as mentioned earlier), but if I remember correctly, the bar code was still the same.

        I remember this, because they were on sale for $29.95, and I picked up one for myself, and for my dad for Father's Day. I had an orange apron help me out for a bit, and out of a giant pyramid display of about 25 of these new-in-box, we found 2 that had the 1 7/8" hose.

        I got these because I personally think they're better. The big advantage is that whether they have the 2.5 or 1 7/8" hose, the motor horsepower and suction is the same. So, you have a smaller hose, and I would then think, have a little bit better suction. Also, the smaller version of the hose makes it a lot easier to manouvre the unit, compared to the bigger and bulkier 2.5" hose. But the big advantage for me is that the attachments with the 1 7/8" hose are similar to the hose - they're smaller. For example, the crevice tool attachment is just perfect for vacuuming out a car and getting between a seat and the centre console with the 1 7/8" version, while the 2.5" one is too big and bulky.

        The big negative though is also the attachments. Like you mentioned, the 2.5" attachments are available readily, and you can buy them individually. For the 1 7/8" attachments, I haven't seen them sold indivually yet at HD, and have only seen them sold in an Accessory Kit (SKU # 567137) for $19.96 each, with a few different pieces.

        But, the 1 7/8" one is better, IMO.


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          Re: Two Different #WD0635 Shop Vacs

          This is a late response to the thread but I thought it may be helpful to folks that are currently buying the VACs that are on sale at HD. (My questions (at HD) resulted in this response: “Go look over there”.)
          I picked up the 6 gallon unit at HD, on sale, a short time ago. It’s the WD0625 with the 2 ½” hose. My primary use is on my RIDGID CMS. Its dust shoot is 2 ½”. But I also want to use the VAC for floor clean up. And I agree, the 2 ½” hose is just too cumbersome and short for that purpose. After a lot of searching on the RIDGID web site (it needs improvement in the VAC area) I found the accessories for the 2 ½”, 1 7/8” and 1 ¼” hoses. (See the right side of this web page)

          2 ½”

          1 7/8”

          1 ¼”

          I’m settling on the 1 ¼” 5 pc Multi-Purpose Detailing Kit, VT2524), for general floor and bench cleaning. It has a 14’ hose with a built in 2 ½” adapter at the end that fits into the VAC. (That info is not on the web site) This way I can leave the big hose connected to the saw. The 1 7/8” web page doesn’t have this kit. In fact, I didn’t see a 2 ½” to 1 7/8” adapter on the 2 ½” web page, only a 2 ½” to 1 ¼” adapter. Maybe these are still in the works.

          As the web pages offer no details on the kits I called the support folks at RIDGID and spoke to a very friendly and helpful lady. She actually had all the VACs and accessories there and took a minute to go confirmed the fits of the parts. I thought that was comforting as I plan to do an on-line order. I also told her about the shortcomings of the web pages. I like the small VAC for its portability. I can easily transport it to a job if needed.


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            Re: Two Different #WD0635 Shop Vacs


            You might also want to look at this tool kit before you order. It comes with several types of drum adapters.

            To use the 1-7/8 tools you'll also need to get the hose for now. The 1-1/4 tools can also be used with many domestic canister and tank vacs if hose curved end is made for them.
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