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    I am realitively new to the forum. But have always found useful information. The help I need, I have a 3650 rigid and this morning while waxing the top, I knocked the fence off and broke the handle that causes the latch to work. I can't find my parts list any where. This is the help I need. Where can I download a parts list and can this part be replaced without having to replace the entire fence?

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    Re: Help

    Did you look in the back of your Owners Manual? There's a parts list there. Also, why are you yelling at us?
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      Re: Help

      He must be hard of hearing, whadyasay....

      Just kidding around again.....
      Great Link for a Construction Owner/Tradesmen, and just say Garager sent you....

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        Re: Help

        Parts list here

        Available here for $3.85 P/N TH101904

        Just put the P/N in the search at the top of the page that opens
        Please verify that it is the part that you need


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          Re: Help

          Thanks for helping him Wayne. Dave, he aint shouting,THIS IS SHOUTING, he just can't see very well.
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