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  • HILTI TE5 question

    I acquired a HILTI TE5 rotary hammer drill that is about 10-15 yrs old or more, I believe. I did not get a manual with it, but it has some SDS-plus drill bits with it that lock in the chuck ok. (I assume since it takes SDS-plus and that no other style shank will work in this?)

    The name plate on the unit does not specify... it shows what appears to be a serial # of 201004.
    I went to the HILTI site looking for a manual for it and didn't see where one could be downloaded. I'd like to get a ground rod driver to use in this TE5, but I can't find one that is SDS-Plus style. Anyone know of one? The ones I found are SDS-Max or spline or whatever else.
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    Re: HILTI TE5 question

    Look here ->

    specifically here ->

    Hope those links help

    (After double checking they may not , but it's the right ballpark I think...
    Shoot them an email...)
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      Re: HILTI TE5 question

      This may help some -

      Also being that you're in the usa you might call Hilti at 1-866-445-8827


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        Re: HILTI TE5 question

        The TE-5 is the little bugger isn't it? I have not used on of those in at least 10 years. I wonder if the TE-5 even has enough umph to drive a ground rod.
        My ancient TE-17 which I've had since 1982 and it's still going strong though not used with much frequency any more.
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          Re: HILTI TE5 question

          SDS plus hammers are designed for relatively small bits. Their impact energy isn't that high in comparison with Max or spline versions. When something is only available in SDS Max or spline type its probably a good indication that it needs a lot of muscle. I think you might be out of luck on this one. I did search and found absolutely nothing in SDS+ type.


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            Re: HILTI TE5 question

            You guys were right....the TE5 doesn't have the butt to drive a ground rod in this hard rocky soil. I cut off a SDS plus pointy chisel to have a flat face bit close the 5/8" diameter of the ground rod, then hose clamped a pc of correct ID size heater hose on the end of the gnd rod, with a couple inches sticking up to guide the flat face bit (not my idea....saw a guy on the web that did this). I was able to keep the bit lined up using the hose guide, but it just wouldnt drive it. Need a more powerful driver. So I resorted to the 8# sledge, and its driven in now.
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              Re: HILTI TE5 question


              If you need to drive in many, I would check around to see if you can borrow (or rent if you must) a chipping/demo hammer that's impacts only. These are not the big breaker hammers like a Bosch Brute. They do hit harder than most rotary hammers however.

              If it has an SDS-Max bit holder you can use this for grounding rods. Milwaukee 48-62-4091

              This ground rod adaptor has a 3/4" hex shank in case anyone ever needs one. Milwaukee 48-62-3070

              This should take you to where Dewalt lists 4 different kinds of ground rod (and other) adaptors. Be sure to check the shank types carefully.
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                Re: HILTI TE5 question

                Yeah I need to tool up with one that can do it, but since its not often I have the need, I don't know if I can justify the expense for a more powerful driver. Sure would be nice to have for the times it comes up, though.
                You know, since my motto has always been to buy a tool if there is ever a need for it......even an excuse for it ,
                maybe I'll look around for one of the demo impact only tools that takes the ground rod bit.
                Now to try to figure out the best bang for the buck.

                If you did decide to buy a tool that can do it, would you have a preference for SDS MAX, or 3/4 Hex, or Spline???

                Edit: I checked around on the web for prices....OMG! For the demo hammers that can deliver around 20 ft-lb or more of impact, they are nearly $7-800! I was thinking for $3-400, I might just buy one, but geeze. DeWalt has the D25850K for about $500, but it delivers 8 ft-lb. I wonder if that would drive a ground rod.

                Maybe I need to start working out and get handy with a sledge. Probably more realistic for me.....I don't drive one very often.

                Thanks for all the input.....its been helpful.
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                  Re: HILTI TE5 question


                  I like your idea of using yourself. If you have a short stepladder and a "Hand Drilling" hammer (see picture) that will help you start them. Then you can finish with the good trusty sledge hammer.
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                    Re: HILTI TE5 question

                    I agree......right on the money. Thats exactly what I did....small one like you show, then the big 'un. If I drove a rod often, I'd get a big power hammer, but since I don't, better going manual. It was good to find out my little TE5 is not up to it. I had wondered if it could. Thanks.


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                      Re: HILTI TE5 question

                      Why not make a starter?
                      Get a 2 or 3' piece of heavy wall (or X-heavy wall) 1" 0r 1 1/2" steel pipe and weld the end shut...
                      Weld some handles on the sides and use it like a fence pole driver...
                      (works like a slide hammer....) They do the job of starting the rod easily...


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                        Re: HILTI TE5 question

                        good idea. just make a home made version of the ones that can be bought, but with a smaller pipe for a ground rod.