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  • milwaukee hole shooter drill press

    hey guys a few months back i was looking at a heavy equipment magazine and I remember seeing a magnetic drill press that uses a milwaukee hole shooter, it is not made by milwaukee but it incorporates one of their drills. I can't seem to find it anywhere if someone can point me in the right direction i would really appreciate it.


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    Re: milwaukee hole shooter drill press

    Do you remember the name or part of the name on it? Here's some info on Milwaukee Magnetic Base Drill Presses in case this may help you out some.

    Here are some by Dewalt:

    I have in mind that you are thinking more of a DIY item where you can make a benchtop drill press using a hand held drill and this device. I haven't seen them in some time, but I'll do some looking and will post if I find one.
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      Re: milwaukee hole shooter drill press

      no Woussko I wish i did remember part of the name, It isn't made by any of the big power tool companies. The reason I want it is to drill into squre tube when on a swing stage installing signs. Instead of using the drill press and a drill. We can just take the press and remove the drill if need be and use it like a regular drill. Plus the added covinience of not having to carry an expensive magnitic drill press on our cranes all the time


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        Re: milwaukee hole shooter drill press


        In that case this old howling hound here (me) will keep sniffing around. Maybe someone else knows just what you are looking for.


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          Re: milwaukee hole shooter drill press

          What might work for this would a Vic-drill.
          They have other models besides the one shown below.
          These are usually used with a hole saw but you could
          use a broach cutter or a drill bit (but the bit length
          might be a problem).

          You can clamp this puppy right around your tubing and go to town.
          Feed rate is manually controlled by the handwheel on the top.

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            Re: milwaukee hole shooter drill press

            I don't know how heavy duty the drill press/device has to be for what you're doing, but for portability, take a look at a couple of the "drill guides" that are available. Sears has one for under $30, and Home Depot now carries one for around $30. Rockler, Gizzly, and many other retailers offer similar products with the same or better features.

            Both of the guides that I have (An older Port-A-Ligne and the current Craftsman) have V's built into the base to facilitate drilling in pipe or other round stock.

            Here's a link to the Craftsman page:


            I hope this helps,



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              Re: milwaukee hole shooter drill press

              Hey there, there are usually a couple listed on E#bay for sale too... you might want to look there, as they don't just give these magnetic drill presses away very often.
              I jsut checked tomake sure I wasn't telling you a fib and there are 2 up for auction on there now. You can just serch for milwaukee mag drill and find these 2 there may be others listed in other ways.
              hope this helps.