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expert help with drill bits needed.......

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  • expert help with drill bits needed.......

    Over the years I have collected drill bits piecemeal. Started with a small set a million years ago and have added some from combo tool sets, swap meets, garage sales, hand me downs and what all. While working on a project recently I broke a couple of bits. I realized I have no idea of the quality of the bits or how to determine the good from the bad and ugly.
    I did a search on the internet to try to find a site where they provide evaluations. Haven't had any luck with that.
    Took a trip to a couple of my favorite big box tool stores and looked at a bunch of drill sets manufactured or at least distributed under the Dewalt, Ridgid, Hitachi, Milwaukee and other names. Some claimed "pilot points" were the way to hole happiness, others were wild about "split" tips. There's high tensil carbon steel, or magnesium coated and of course they all claim to be the strongest, drill the fastest, and last the longest. The prices are all over the lot too. I know that there is some relationship with price and quality however I have lived long enough and wasted enough money to know that the priciest ain't always the bestest.
    Sooooooo please would some of you drill bit experts point me in the right direction. I know that drill bits isn't exactly on topic for power tools but knew from past experiance that this site has a lot of knowledgeable lurkers willing to help. Thanks....Ray

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    Re: expert help with drill bits needed.......

    This article should help explain some of the questions you have.
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      Re: expert help with drill bits needed.......

      Perhaps you may want to think about your pile of drill bits in a different direction.
      I have most likely medium quality hss and carbon steel drill bits.
      My secret for success is owning a "Drill Doctor" drill bit sharpener.

      I have the model 750x...I did have their model 250 and 400 [earlier models.
      The newer sharpeners are noise and I'm told it's due to the motor being used.. I ended of giving the older sharpeners to friends.

      Anyway, with the Drill Doctor handy I always have sharp drill bits. Using sharp bits I now only break a few of the small ones 3/32 or 1/16 bits fault from pushing too hard!

      I always drill pilot holes and when doing a large hole work up to the final size.

      When drilling metal I always use cutting oil and drill slowly.

      By adjusting your drilling technique you may be able to use the lesser expensive drills with good results.

      Now to be fair, I also have some high end expensive bits. I needed to be very critical and accurate on a project so the better quality drills were acquired.

      For 90% of my wood drilling I have been using the Harbor freight bulk sale drills. They come in sizes from 1/16" to 1/4". Each pack is one drill size and sold 12 per package. If I do break one, no problem I have 11 more.

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        Re: expert help with drill bits needed.......

        IN my opinion a general good quality High speed bit is about as good as your going to get, (for the large bits up to 2" I have bought a number of Chinese made bits via Enco, for the price, and have had good luck with them, (quality control is not there as much),

        some are harder (been hardened a little more) but the harder you make them the more brittle they are, great for machine use, but hand held they snap very ea-sly,

        I hand sharpen my own bits, and the yes the split tip or bullet bits help in starting the bit and some help keep the bit from walking (skipping across the work when starting the bit) use a center punch and you won't have the problem,

        metal bits usually sharpened to 59 degree angle, if your doing soft or plastics or wood a sharper angle is good up to 30 degrees if trying to drill very hard steel a flatter angle is better, and can sometimes make the difference when trying to drill through it,

        the coatings are more a form of built in lubricant, (is what I understand) and on some typed of materials it may help, but not necessary for most types of materials, (some materials do benefit from different lubricants or coolants)

        aluminum is one material that may help from some coatings, as it is a difficult material to clear chips from,

        coolants or taking your time is probly as helpfull as any thing, IMO. keeping the bit cool and not letting it lose it temper, if you lose it temper you will have to grind it back past burnt part until you back into the the tempered part take patience to grind with out over heating and making it worst, then resharpen it,
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          Re: expert help with drill bits needed.......

          Thanks for all the info. I was hoping there was web site or article where they set up a test using several different brands to provide info on piilot point vs coated vs slit point vs "gold coat" for drilling speed, sharpness retension etc.


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            Re: expert help with drill bits needed.......

            You might try this link:

            Once there, on the left side click on Technical Help and then Drilling. From there just click away and prowl the site some. There's some good reading and information.

            Update: The part of the web site with some answers is the technical help section. The rest is their product catalog.
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              Re: expert help with drill bits needed.......

              This looks like a blatant commercial spam to me as the content has no relation to the subject of the thread and I would hope that ProBrand would take the appropriate action.
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