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Craftsman Table Saw Dado Insert

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  • Craftsman Table Saw Dado Insert

    Can anyone say if the Ridgid AC1025 Dado Insert might fit in my old Craftsman table saw. The table saw is a 113-299040 model, and Sears no longer supports it. I even called them, and the guy couldn't even pronounce "dado".

    Thanks for any advice.

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    Re: Craftsman Table Saw Dado Insert

    I think this should work:
    I am ordering one now so I can't CONFIRM it works but everything is right except it probably doesnt have the little clips underneath to hold it in place.

    I have the 113.299040 and I measure the throat plate at 14 3/8 x 3 3/4. Grizzly has one the right size but not rounded:

    It's also cheaper at Highland and I can vouch for their good customer service.

    San Diego


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      Re: Craftsman Table Saw Dado Insert

      I can't help you as far as the dado plate is concerned but I will echo Phil's statement about the good customer service at Highland Woodworking.
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        Re: Craftsman Table Saw Dado Insert

        I've made many a dado plate with plywood and the green slick plastic.Its pretty simple and easy to do ..then too u can make the plates to the width the dado is set at.I prefer the wood or plastic over a generic width metal plate.