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Dry Wall Dust and ShopVac

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  • Dry Wall Dust and ShopVac

    Lookin at the wd 1850 and the step up rv 2600b. Both are the 16 Gallon, but the 2600 is a 2-stage. Not sure what that actually is, but it mentioned fine paricles.

    The 2-stage vac recommends the 2-stage filter. I guess this is for fine particles. What about the Hepa filter??? Woudn't that do the same job???

    I would like to get the 1850 (because home depot sells that one and does not sell the 2600) and then buy the hepa filter when I do drywall work.

    Secondly, anyone seen an attatchment for drywall sanding connecting to the shopvac???

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    Re: Dry Wall Dust and ShopVac

    Drywall plugs any filter quickly, if you can find a pre-filter (goes over the filter to provide a smooth surface that the dust will not stick to when the vac is turned off) it helps in cleaning quickly.

    HD sells this sanding attachment

    I have used this one from A Richard and it works well


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      Re: Dry Wall Dust and ShopVac

      With a 2 stage model there are two fans in series where the air passes through one and then the other. The advantage is higher velocity air flow through smaller hoses and attachments, but you don't have quite as much air flow through larger hoses and tools. If you are planning to use the 2-1/2 size hose and attachments then a powerful single stage motor-fan is good. If you were to adapt down to 1-1/4 hose and/or attachments or if you need to suck up lots of water then a two or three stage motor-fan works better. For most users the WD1850 should work out fine.

      When you'll be sucking up loads of fine dust, I would recommend using a paper collection bag such as the #VF3502 and then to also buy and use a Gore Cleanstream filter which is much better than any of the Ridgid filters. You can read more about them here and keep in mind that a good many Sears Craftsman shop vacs use the accessories that the Ridgid models use so you may want to go to Sears and check out what they have in stock.

      CleanStream filter for Ridgid vacs:
      Please note that this is the same as the Craftsman Filter #9-17816 which they call the "Red Stripe" filter.