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report on Hitachi nailer........

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  • report on Hitachi nailer........

    I came on this forum for help when we were looking for a 15 gauge nailer. Bought the Hitachi because it seemed well built and had good features. Several othe nailers seemed as good. Deal maker was a Lowe's sale price at $149.00. Promised a user report after we had a chance to run some nails through it.
    ......Here it is.
    Has performed well after a few hundred nails. Adjustments are easy and job site usable.
    1-Would like a retaining clip for holding spring slide back when loading nails.
    2-Rubber tip to protect from scratching was lost very quickly. Tool needs a little compartment to hold it when not in use.
    3-Air blast button is located where one accidentaly bumps it all the time, which gets irritating.
    4-When nailing with tool held upside down something in the firing mechanism causes a phantom dimple next to the nail.
    Would rate tool as good for quality so far but compromised with the little irritations listed......Ray