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  • RIDGID Showroom

    We are setting up this thread to discuss the new RIDGID Showroom where we use video to demonstrate new power tools. There are of course plans to increase the number of tools shown, but we'd be curious to read what you think so far.

    Take a look at

    Thanks for your support of RIDGID.

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    Re: RIDGID Showroom

    I like the idea a lot but is it just me or are there others that are getting the guy talking in about 5 second bursts? I get about a sentence or two out of him and then the image buffers for a bit and he resumes talking again for another sentence or two. I found that rather annoying so I didn't watch for very long.
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      Re: RIDGID Showroom

      I think it's a good idea. I'm just about talked into getting the thickness planer. One minor point. The guy doing the demo says "96 cuts per minute" and I think that should be "per inch".
      With HD doing away with the floor models, this is probably one of the better ways of getting the word out. How are you planning on publicizing the showroom? Most of us on the forum are already RIDGID fans.
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        Re: RIDGID Showroom

        BadgerDave isn't the only one with this problem. Ridgid needs to realize that not all forum members have ultra high speed ISP connections. Maybe you can have the video in 2 versions. One would be for average cable and DSL and the other would be for the few of us that have fiber optical service that really flies along. Actually a third version for dial-up users would be a good idea. Have it so people can download the videos to their hard drive and run them from it.

        I have pretty good 720K DSL here and had some of the same issue as BD. It does make me want to bay howl.


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          Re: RIDGID Showroom

          I've got to give Ridgid its' "props" for the showroom idea and how each of their items can be showcased and pertinent information disbursed in an effortless fashion. I look forward to seeing more items as they are added.


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            Re: RIDGID Showroom & Video Pauses

            I think the showroom idea is great. Keep the videos coming, and maybe cut some real wood too.

            Video pauses fix
            Start the video, hit the pause button, watch the grey line until it almost gets to the end of the scale, then start the video by clicking on the pause button again. Doing this allows the download to get a head start on you watching the video. You won't get the pauses in the middle of his presentation. The download is always slower than the playing of the video.
            Hope this helps
            See ya when the dust clears,


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              Re: RIDGID Showroom & Video Pauses

              * The showroom is a good idea as I said in the thread Josh started the other day.

              * In this case the video is Shockwave Flash. Users can right click on the flash player window and then adjust settings to improve performance. I suggest setting the usable space to 1MB from the default 100KB.

              If it was WMV or AVI or MPEG format it should be possible to have the server detect the connection speed settings of the clients video player (Windows Media Player, or what have you) and serve up the correct version of the video so the users viewing experience is smoother. Also, changing the buffer setting in the video from the default 5 sec. will help, though it will cause an increased delay in the start of the video. They way to mask this is load up some text or a still image, or a short video which displays for a few seconds (while the video is buffering in the background) and then after x number of x seconds the server loads the video.

              * The clips have the right amount of humor in them I think to keep it light. However, I think a better image (someone more physically fit) could have been chosen.

              * You should get the content checked over (maybe by some volunteers from the Forum) for proper use of trade terms and other mistakes that someone who doesn't actually work with the tools day-to-day would not be aware of like the innocent mistake of 96 cuts/min vice 96 cuts/inch. We all know what he meant to say, but you'll come off better if you actually say it correctly.

              * If you don't make a menu choice after the opening video, you are prompted with some cute reminders to get it in gear. Maybe after to or three cycles the opening video should replay or a new page should load.
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                Re: RIDGID Showroom

                Agreed on the speed guys. I am gonna see what we can do to compress this a bit without loosing quality.



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                  Re: RIDGID Showroom

                  hi probrand

                  is it just a wood working thing,
                  or is it also going to be a plumbing showroom

                  us plumbers like the ridgid red over the ridgid orange

                  let's promo some plumbing tools too

                  btw, my video is fine


                  phoebe it is


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                    Re: RIDGID Showroom

                    Proband-Just what our house needed---more tool porn

                    Badger Dave-I had the same issue. It was bothersome

                    I love my plumber

                    "My Hero"

                    Welcome, Phoebe Jacqueline!