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I need a tile saw

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  • I need a tile saw

    On one hand money is tight
    On the other, I don't want to get anything crappy

    Any recommendations? Will I be sorry if I get te harbour freight tile saw? Or should I spend the money on a felker or MK. How are the lightweight universal motor saws from dewalt and ridgid?

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    Re: I need a tile saw

    If you don't think you'll be doing over a thousand cuts and nothing over 12" and no fancy cutting, get a cheap $79.00-$100.00 saw. This will do your work for basic simple designs.
    Great Link for a Construction Owner/Tradesmen, and just say Garager sent you....

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      Re: I need a tile saw

      I've been using this one for a while:
      It works good and is a good deal for the money. Lowes sells a saw similar to this one for the same price, but it's made cheaper with lots of plastic where as this one has a metal fence and guide. The only downfall IMO, which isn't really that bad, is the blade it comes with. It's ok, not bad, but you can tell a difference with a nice blade.


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        Re: I need a tile saw

        I vacillated between fekler, husky and some unknowns, and E-bay.
        I know that renting a saw for my project would not be cost effective. So, I looked at various reviews and tried to determine fact from fiction. Many reviews that are negative are due to the user not reading the manuals or just plain stupid operator error!

        Bottom line, I ended up with the husky THD950L wet saw. The saw has a lot of potential. I did go to Harbor Freight and bought a spare pump for 5 bucks.

        I use a 5 gallon bucket filled with clean water and the tray to hold the old water. Dirty water will ruin a blade rapidly.
        I also tossed the blade that came with the saw and bought a good quality one. I'm cutting granite.

        I also use blue painter's tape all around the tile where I'll cut and it reduces chipping beautifully.

        The husky has a 2 year stay with me on this. The company that makes this wet saw for Husky is
        Also when at their website they misplaced the manuals go to their cement mixer and download the manual it will be for the THD950L....

        There have been some negative reviews on the saw, but the laser if properly aligned is just fine. I have laser red glasses to help see the line in sunlight.
        The motor assembly is also fine and truly not as noisy as some say, but I do wear hearing protection.

        The design is very nice and much better than the ones that look like a mini table saw. Especially when you deal with water. The table saw design will get you wet and dirty. The husky does not get you wet at all.

        The saw will run about $300.00 at Home Depot but if you plan to do more tile projects you'll be glad you got this unit.

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          Re: I need a tile saw

          How is this saw?

          I looked around and it looks to be a generic chinese built saw that is sold under different labels for around 300 dollars