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Drill Press Recommendations?

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  • Drill Press Recommendations?

    I am in the market for a new floor standing drill press (15" +).

    I am curious as to your recommendations and why you recommend it and also ones you dont recommend and why.

    Regards and thanks for the opinions.

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    Re: Drill Press Recommendations?

    So much depends on how you plan to use the drill press. For instance, if you plan on making pens, you'll want one with a long spindle stroke. Drill speed is also very important for producing high quality results. The more speeds the better. Will you be using it for wood only or will drilling in metal also come into play?

    I've always felt that a drill press is one tool that is very easy to over buy and consequently over spend on. My drill press is a no name made in China floor model that I only paid $150 for it. It has a 5/8" chuck capacity, 3-1/8" spindle stroke, 16" swing, 16 speeds, and a 3/4" HP motor. The most important feature on it however is that it has almost zero runout.

    As 99% of my work with my DP is with wood I don't need a big motor. I also don't need a long spindle stroke as I don't make pens and 3-1/8" has always been long enough. So, depending on your needs, you can spend a little or a lot on a drill press but it is possible to spend a little and still end up with a perfectly functional drill press.
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      Re: Drill Press Recommendations?

      Not going to make any pens. It will be used for wood 99% of the time as I have a 20" (older Dayton) that I use in the metal shop.



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        Re: Drill Press Recommendations?

        I have the General International 75-200 M1 and it has been an excellent DP. I originally bought a Delta and went through 3 with bad motor vibration (belt disconnected), dealer gave me the GI for same price as the Delta (ate about $100)