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Help w/MSUV (AC99940) gas pump

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  • Help w/MSUV (AC99940) gas pump

    Hi, I have a Rigid MSUV (AC99401) and when I received it the metal brackets used to hold in place the gas pump broke. I was able to call up Rigid an have a new pump delivered.

    My problem is I cannot seem to be able to compress the pump to properly screw it back onto the stand!

    Do anyone have an idea on how to easily (and safely compress it?!)
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    Re: Help w/MSUV (AC99940) gas pump

    just out of curiosity, shouldn't the service center fix it for you?

    Just wondering if i will have to do my own repairs if something broke, is'nt that what that service agreement, warranty, is for?

    sorry, don't really have a good answer, just questions. There should be a compressor for it you could rent like the ones they use to compress springs for car suspensions.


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      Re: Help w/MSUV (AC99940) gas pump




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        Re: Help w/MSUV (AC99940) gas pump

        I had the same problem with mine. You will not be able to hand compress the pump. I did this by myself and I was nervous because it looked kind of dangerous the way I did it. I stood the stand up like I was going to use and then hooked one end to the table. I used a long flat head screwdriver to compress the pump and slid the pin through once I got it close. This would have been much easier with some help but I was determined to do it by myself. It didn't take long, about 15 minutes, because it kept popping out once I would get close. I am sure there is a better way but this way worked and it didn't require a bunch of tools that I don't already own, just a screwdriver.....


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          Re: Help w/MSUV (AC99940) gas pump

          William at Ridgid's service department was very helpful for me.
          The gas spring was on back order, but recieved replacement in 3 days.
          Yes, it was FREE.
          It was about 1/2" shorter the original one.
          The pressure is 260lbs.
          I had to do the same thing Kev Dog did.


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            Re: Help w/MSUV (AC99940) gas pump

            Thanks for the help everyone. I'll try my local service department if I can't pry it in myself..