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which ridgid planer?

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  • which ridgid planer?

    I have been reading the various threads on the new ridgid planer. Does anyone have experience with both the ridgid planers?

    I am curious if the new planer is actually a better machine, as the older model is well decorated on this forum.

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    Re: which ridgid planer?

    I think unless you get a very good deal on the old one you might as well go with the new model. Its got a few features that make it a lot more competitive with newer high end planers on the market.


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      Re: which ridgid planer?

      I bought the older model for reasons stated in an earlier post. However at this point you may not have much of a choice. The two stores that I frequent are both out of the TP1300, so that may be the case in other areas.

      The new model does offer a slightly higher speed and the 3-blade cutter of course. Either way, I'm sure you'd get a great planer.



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        Re: which ridgid planer?

        There is at least one forum member whom I recall got a hold of one, but he has not yet posted a review.

        American Woodworker Magazine had a review of planers in the last issue. The R4330 rated an editors choice in the under $400 range. Unfortunately the review was somewhat brief, consisting mostly of specifications rather than user impressions. The only thing the R4330 lacks versus the more expensive planers is a second speed.

        I ended up getting the Craftsman which was another editors choice in the over $500 range as I was unable to find the new Ridgid in my area, and I had ultimately decided to get a two speed. But if the Ridgid had been available, it would probably be in my shop right now due to the lower cost.

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