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    Ok so today I had to cut a piece of metric all thread for a little lathe project and needed to grind the ends nicely.For the past 3 years I've been using this black and decker bench grinder thing my sister gave me an I'm tired of chasing it around the bench or blocking its travels with a big piece of iron.And last week I finally found my old craftsman bench grinder from the last move.
    Now this grinder is OLD I remember my father using it in the lean to on the farm when i was about 5 years old.It has never lived a nice life as it was always out under a lean to.I'd guess its about as old as i am..52 no real idea as he said a few times he bought it at an auction.
    So I get it out sit it on the deck and grind away and it works fine and great.Now I'm trying to reduce my tool load for another move yet and this I'll keep and bring.So I figure hey why not take it apart a bit clean it up get the rust off paint it etc.So I tear it down wow real bearings 1/3 hp and capacitor start...and big wow they switched the neutral from the factory a big no no.
    So project for tomorrow get the rust off paint it up etc and replace the switch which has been a bit funky for about as long as I can remember.I did blow it out with air and geezzz the stuff that came out.Now to find the grinder stand thats packed away too..oh well as I sort and sell I'll find it.
    Keep those old tools guys they were built to last..Oh yea and keep those grinders portable or under a lean to ..they make nasty messes that rust

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    Re: More old tools

    I get in those moods too. I call it "tool day". I'll pull things apart and clean/grease/paint, whatever. I like having my shop in good working order, and I love old stuff too!

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